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The Mastermind

Adrian Cheng

K11 MUSEA will be Hong Kong and Asia's new cultural destination, where global millennials can come together and discover their muse.

Entrepreneur and K11 founder Adrian Cheng has been changing retail through his expanding network of K11 museum-retail spaces across Greater China that merge art, culture and commerce. With K11 MUSEA, thanks to its unparalleled location and scale, and its immersive concepts, Adrian is taking K11 to even bolder new heights. The crown jewel of the K11 Group, as well as his most ambitious project to date, K11 MUSEA is a world-class cultural destination for global millennials that is set to reshape the retail landscape. K11 MUSEA is curated by Cheng to seamlessly blend art, culture, design and retail as a source of discovery for the new generation.