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Donate Cash Through the ‘Share for Good’ Platform Today! Lend a Hand, Leave an Impact!

Share for Good, Share the Love! With the outbreak of the fifth COVID-19 wave, New World Development again champions the spirit of “Creating Shared Value” with the objective to contribute to the community through concrete actions.

Connecting NGOs with like-minded individuals and organisations, New World has launched the online platform ‘Share for Good’ to bring donors and beneficiaries together and provide for the needy through monetary donations and daily necessities, such as anti-epidemic items, supermarket cash coupons, learning assistance materials and more.

Everyone can lend a helping hand to those in need and share the love! Show your support now and donate cash through the ‘Share for Good’ platform today. Lend a hand, leave an impact!


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K11 Event
Delicious Festive Gifts From K11 MUSEA’s Christmas Palace

From festive hampers to delicious advent calendars and gift boxes, shop the perfect gift for loved ones with K11 MUSEA’s curation of delights! Now available in-store!

Artisan Lounge
Sparkling Bliss
G08 & G08A, G/F

Fortnum & Mason
The Fortnum's Classic Christmas Hamper
G22 & 122, G/F

Charbonnel et Walker
Fine Dark Chocolate & Truffle Gift Box
LA108, 1F

Boutique by The Grand
As Butterfly Puff Gift Box
Kiosk K02, G/F

The Whisky Library
Big Peat (2023 Christmas Edition)
032A, G/F

Red Room
12 Days of LUBUDS Christmas Advent Calendar
606, 6F

K11 Event
[Exclusive] Unveiling world’s 1st immersive whisky experience with the Macallan Litha

The Macallan Room, the world’s first immersive whisky experience, unveils stunning new collection The Macallan Litha on 15 Sep at K11 MUSEA. A single malt Scotch whisky exclusively matured in first-fill sherry seasoned oak casks from Jerez de la Frontera, The Macallan Litha embodies the union of Scottish and Spanish craftsmanship, with tasting notes of butterscotch, vanilla, and chocolate with citrus and tropical fruits.

The Macallan Litha is encased in a vibrant presentation box, featuring a beautiful illustration by award-winning New York-based Chinese illustrator Sija Hong. The design depicts Scotland and Spain with blue and red pantones respectively, unified by a central tree symbolising their fusion through maturation in oak casks.

Taste the finest of whiskys with The Macallan Litha at K11 MUSEA today!

The Macallan Room
Location: 507, 5F, K11 MUSEA
Opening Hours: 11AM – 9PM

507, 5F, K11 MUSEA
K11 Event
From Michelin Stars to Asia’s No. 1 — K11 MUSEA’s Top Restaurants

Embark on a journey for your tastebuds at K11 MUSEA! From Michelin-starred eateries to SCMP’s Top Table Winners, K11 MUSEA’s restaurants elevate the concept of dining into an artisanal experience. Indulge in the finest of culinary delights from around the world, while overlooking an unparalleled view of the Victoria Harbour.

Michelin-starred Restaurants in 2023

Sushi Wadatsumi — 2-Time Michelin-starred Traditional Edomae-style Sushi
A Michelin 1-star winner for the 2nd year in a row at K11 MUSEA, Sushi Wadatsumi serves traditional Edomae-style sushi in a fine omakase dining experience. Hong Kong-born Executive Chef Kin-san is dedicated to keeping consistent quality and authentic flavours, drawing from his experiences at several renowned sushi restaurants such as the formerly Michelin-starred Tokyo-based Sushi-Iwa.
Location: 607, 6F, K11 MUSEA
Enquiries: 2619 0199

yè shanghai — Shanghainese Flavours with a Sea View
Awarded 1 Michelin Star for multiple years, yè shanghai’s unique flavours come from a mix of Shanghainese tradition paired with chefs’ innovation. Also serving cuisines of Shanghai’s neighbouring Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, the restaurant presents a diversity of taste notes through cooking techniques of braising, roasting, quick-frying and streaming.
Location: 702, 7F, K11 MUSEA
Enquiries: 2376 3322

SCMP’s Top Table Winners 2023

TUBER Umberto Bombana — The White Truffle 3 Michelin-Starred Chef
3 Michelin-starred Chef Umberto Bombana expands his empire to Kowloon. Hailed as “The King of White Truffle”, the legendary chef single-handedly popularised the rare and beautiful ingredient of truffle in Hong Kong.
Location: 113A, 1F, K11 MUSEA
Enquiries: 2133 4743

KILO Steakhouse — By “King of Steaks” Chef Nathan Green
Partnering with “King of Steaks” Chef Nathan Green, Octavo Group brings to Kowloon an exclusive steak concept. KILO is a sleek, modern steakhouse with a breath-taking view overlooking Victoria Harbour, offering bold flavours and classic table-side service to Tsim Sha Tsui guests. Green, the grill master of REX Wine & Grill in Central, previously helmed Henry at Rosewood Hotel Hong Kong and acclaimed eatery Rhoda.
Location: 602, 6F, K11 MUSEA
Enquiries: 2155 4855

TIRPSE — Michelin-Starred French & Japanese Dining
TIRPSE first gained fame as the fastest restaurant to be awarded a Michelin star within two months of opening in 2015; it was also named as one of Diners Club World Best 50 Restaurants in 2017. The brand owner, Mr. Ohashi Naotaka, has worked for Hiramatsu Restaurant in Japan, Cordeillan-Bages in France, and the Michelin Three-starred Quintessence in Tokyo before opening TIRPSE.
Location: 209, 2F, K11 MUSEA
Enquiries: 2333 0031

A Taste by the Sea

Deng G Sichuan — Over 40 Years of Sichuan Craftsmanship
Sichuan Chef Deng Hua-Dong brings over 40 years of culinary expertise to Deng G Sichuan, crafting refined Sichuan and Southern Yangtze dishes that highlight different depths of spicy cuisine with a modern twist.
Location: 412 & 413, 4F, K11 MUSEA
Enquiry & booking: 2545 3288

Fortnum & Mason — Afternoon Tea Fit for the Royal Family
Founded in London in 1707, Fortnum & Mason’s is the epitome of British delicacy, with a curation of teas, chocolates, wines, and other delights enjoyed by the British Royal Family. The brand’s first overseas concept hosts a beautiful ground floor shop and upstairs restaurant, serving its famous Afternoon Tea to spectacular views of the harbour.
Location: G22 & 122, G/F, K11 MUSEA
Opening Hours: 3916 8181

Yung’s Bistro — Innovating 81 Years of Cantonese Culinary Tradition
Yung’s Bistro marks Yung Kee’s first foray into contemporary dining. Abiding by the brand’s 1942 pledge to deliver authentic taste through culinary mastery, Yung’s Bistro reimagines traditional Cantonese cuisines with a unique spin.
Location: 7F, 701, K11 MUSEA
Enquiry & booking: 2321 3800

5 Samurai — Cocktails by Asia’s Top 50 Mixologists
Dive into a holistic and sensational experience at 5 Samurai to explore the core elements of Japanese cuisine. Enjoy sizzling teppanyaki, succulent yakitori and other exquisite Japanese dishes, paired with full-flavoured craft beers, premium sakes or wines, and artisanal cocktails prepared by award-winning mixologists.
Location: 125, 1F, MUSE EDITION, K11 MUSEA
Enquiry & booking: 5290 2900

From the Craftsmanship of World-class Chefs

NIRAS by Le Du — From Asia’s No. 1 Restaurant
A culinary pioneer in Thailand, Chef Ton (Thitid Tassanakajohn) has garnered international acclaim for his spell-bounding cuisines, with his restaurant concept Le Du earning the No. 1 spot on Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2023. Ton debuts his first overseas concept NIRAS by Le Du at K11 MUSEA, bringing a new Thai gastronomic destination to Hong Kong.
Location: 704, 7F, K11 MUSEA
Enquiry & Booking: 3905 3022

Yakiniku JIKON — The Craftsmanship of Japanese Grill
Yakiniku Jikon is a kaiseki restaurant that focuses on grilled meat. Originally from Kyoto, the restaurant’s mission is to offer customers a taste of Kyoto’s changing seasons through its curation of artisanal Kyoto produce. The menu, headed by yakiniku expert chef Hiromi Nomura, focuses on premium A5 Wagyu from Kagoshima, grilled to a ‘Wagyu golden ratio’ of meat, fat, and umami.
Location: 603, 6F, K11 MUSEA
Enquiry & Booking: 2868 0929

K11 Event
Fortnum & Mason’s Storytime with Father Christmas

Father Christmas is back in town! Bring your kids on a storytelling adventure at K11 MUSEA Fortnum & Mason — and enjoy 15% OFF at 181 Fortnum & Mason on the same day.

Summoning the magic of Christmas, Father Christmas brings holiday tales to life in an enchanting interactive experience for children aged 3–11 — a few lucky children will even be able to take home goodie bags from Father Christmas’ arctic workshop!

To help Father Christmas prepare a series of exciting activities and surprises, parents are reminded to write down 3 interesting facts about their little ones during registration.

Present your ticket to enjoy 15% OFF on dine-in at 181 Fortnum & Mason on the same day — and wrap up the festive experience with a round of classic British delicacies!

Father Christmas Storytelling at Fortnum & Mason
Date: 19 Nov – 23 Dec 2023 (every Sat & Sun)
Time: 9:45AM | 10:30AM
Location: G22, G/F, Fortnum & Mason, K11 MUSEA
Age: 3 to 11 years
Price: HK$500 (1 child and 1 accompanying adult)

Terms and conditions apply. Please see details on the registration page.

[Register now]

G22, G/F, Fortnum & Mason, K11 MUSEA