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K11 MUSEA Tour — Your Journey of Imagination Awaits

Join K11 MUSEA’s curation of docent-led tours to embark on a journey of imagination! Explore the elements of art, nature, architecture, and more that cement K11 MUSEA as Hong Kong’s cultural-retail landmark.

Art Tour

Discover a curation of world-class artworks at K11 MUSEA, showcasing the craft and imagination of renowned maestros and rising artists from Hong Kong and the world.


Muse Tour

Get inspired on this journey through Victoria’s rising cultural hub — and seek your own inspirations at ‘A Muse by the Sea’!


Architecture Tour

Learn about the inspirations behind the majestic architecture of K11 MUSEA, designed by the joint efforts of 100 Creative Powers — a roster of more than 100 international architects, artists, and designers.


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K11 on SPOTIFY: Your MUSE of Sound

Get your creative rhythm flowing with K11’s themed playlists, specially curated by musicians and artisans to bring out the unique character of various exhibitions, events, and holidays. Embark on a journey of sound today!


‘The Met: Live in HD Series’: See 5 World-class Opera Masterpieces at K11 Art House

Experience breathtaking arias and crystal clear sopranos every weekend from March to September! ‘The Met: Live in HD Series’ at K11 Art House offers five soul-stirring opera productions from The Met's latest season (2022-23), including: exclusive premiers of the Oscar-winning film adaptation of The Hours, and The Magic Flute, along with Don Giovanni by Mozart, Giuseppe Verdi's adaptation of Shakespeare's Falstaff, and Italian composer Umberto Giordano's Fedora!

Redeem F&B vouchers upon purchase of ‘The Met: Live in HK Series’ tickets.

Kevin Puts’ The Hours
Renée Fleming makes her highly anticipated return to The Met in the world-premiere of Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Kevin Puts’ The Hours, adapted from Michael Cunningham’s acclaimed novel. The Oscar-winning 2002 film version starring Meryl Streep, Julianne Moore, and Nicole Kidman follows three women from different eras who each grapple with their inner demons and their roles in society.

Date: 12 March 2023 (Sun)
Time: 3PM
Duration: 210 minutes (including intermission)
Language: English (subtitles: English)

Umberto Giordano’s Fedora
Packed with memorable melodies, showstopping arias, and explosive confrontations, Fedora requires a cast of thrilling voices to take flight, and The Met’s new production promises to deliver. Soprano Sonya Yoncheva, one of today’s most riveting artists, sings the title role of the 19th-century Russian princess who falls in love with her fiancé’s murderer, Count Loris, sung by star tenor Piotr Beczała.

Date: 16 April 2023 (Sun)
Time: 3PM
Duration: 180 minutes (including intermission)
Language: Italian (subtitles: English)

Mozart’s Die Zauberflöte
One of opera’s most beloved works receives its first new The Met staging in 19 years — a daring vision by renowned English director Simon McBurney that The Wall Street Journal declared “the best production I’ve ever witnessed of Mozart’s opera.” In his Met-debut staging, McBurney lets loose a volley of theatrical flourishes, incorporating projections, sound effects, and acrobatics to match the spectacle and drama of Mozart’s fable.

Date: 23 July 2023
Time: 3PM
Duration: 225 minutes (including intermission)
Language: German (subtitles: Chinese, English)

Verdi’s Falstaff
Baritone Michael Volle stars as the caddish knight Falstaff, gleefully tormented by a trio of clever women in Verdi’s glorious Shakespearean comedy. Maestro Daniele Rustioni takes the podium to oversee a brilliant ensemble cast that features sopranos Hera Hyesang Park, Ailyn Pérez, and Jennifer Johnson Cano, mezzo-soprano Marie-Nicole Lemieux, tenor Bogdan Volkov, and baritone Christopher Maltman.

Date: 19 August 2023 (Sat)
Time: 3PM
Duration: 195 minutes (including intermission)
Language: Italian (subtitles: Chinese, English)

Mozart’s Don Giovanni
Tony Award–winning director of Broadway’s A View from the Bridge and West Side Story, Ivo van Hove makes a major Met debut with a new take on Mozart’s tragicomedy, re-setting the familiar tale of deceit and damnation in an abstract architectural landscape and shining a light into the dark corners of the story and its characters.

Date: 17 September 2023 (Sun)
Time: 3PM
Duration: 210 minutes (including intermission)
Language: Italian (subtitles: Chinese, English)

Upon purchase of any tickets, you can redeem*:
- TIRPSE HK$100 F&B e-voucher x 1
- Dab-pa pumpkin cake (4 pcs)

Head to K11 Art House and prepare to be swayed by the serene sounds of music!

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*Respective e-vouchers will be distributed upon entry.

[20% Off] Enjoy Wednesday Movie Club: Sean Lau’s Movie Collection with Mad Detective, Life Without Principle, and More

In celebration of Sean Lau’s third Best Actor win at Hong Kong Film Awards, K11 Art House selects 11 of Lau’s most iconic and classic films in this iteration of Wednesday Movie Club, ‘Sean Lau’s Movie Collection’. From classic films such as Mad Detective,Lost in Time, Life Without Principle, and My Left Eye Sees Ghosts, film lovers can once again revisit the award-winning actor’s versatility and memorable performances.

KLUB 11 Member Exclusive
Enjoy 20% off when purchasing regular-priced tickets for films under ‘Sean Lau’s Movie Collection’, except Too Many Ways to be No.1, at the K11 Art House box office! A maximum of four discounted tickets can be bought per transaction.

Mad Detective (WMC)

Police officer Wong Kwok-Chu went missing upon a partnered investigation in the woods with Ko Chi-Wai, who returned safe and sound. Having no clues at all, crime unit inspector Ho Ka-On is left with no choice but to get help from gifted ex-detective Chan Kwai-Bun who’s been affected by mental illness.

Date and Time: 16 May 2023 (Tue) 7:40PM ; 17 May 2023 (Wed) 3:30PM
Film duration: 91 minutes
Category: III
Language: Cantonese (Chinese and English subtitles)

Lifeline (WMC)

Veteran firefighter Yan Sui acts on experiences rather than guidelines, butting heads with the fire station’s new Chief, Raymond Cheung. Despite their differences, a big fire means they’ll have to put aside their differences and work together as a team.

Date and Time: 20 May 2023 (Sat) 3:30PM
Film Duration: 108 mins
Category: IIA
Language: Cantonese (Chinese and English subtitles)

Running Out of Time (WMC)

Negotiator Ho Sheung-Sang fails to convince Cheung Wah to admit to the robbery of a finance company. Cheung starts a 72-hour game with Ho in an attempt to escape…

Date and Time: 24 May 2023 (Wed) 7:40PM
Film duration: 93 minutes
Category: IIA
Language: Cantonese (Chinese and English subtitles)

Victim (WMC)

Programmer Manson Ma is kidnapped, tortured and saved in a hotel room where the tragic murder of a family took place. Returning to his normal life, his girlfriend, Amy Fu, realises the change in Ma’s personality as if he’s a completely different person while detective Pit Kwan tries to reveal the truth.

Date and Time: 27 May 2023 (Sat) 3:30PM
Film Duration: 104 mins
Category: TBC
Language: Cantonese (Chinese and English subtitles)

Full Alert (WMC)

Inspector Pao discovers ex-engineer Mak Kwan’s plan for a robbery, alongside a large amount of bombs at his house. As Mak escapes from jail, the target of the robbery is revealed — the headquarters of Hong Kong Jockey Club storing millions of dollars in cash, but it might already be too late…

Date and Time: 27 May 2023 (Sat) 1:15PM; 6 June 2023 (Tue) 3:45PM
Film Duration: 98 mins
Category: TBC
Language: Cantonese (Chinese and English subtitles)

Only Fools Fall in Love (WMC)

Being the leader of a rich family, Chiu Fok is much envied by his younger brother, Chiu Jack, who later partners with a street artist Mong Dee in a marriage fraud to scam Fok’s money. Chiu Fok becomes mentally impaired from an accident at the wedding yet still faces threats from his brother…

Date and Time: 28 May 2023 (Sun) 2:40PM
Film Duration: 106 mins
Category: TBC
Language: Cantonese (Chinese and English subtitles)

La Brassiere (WMC)

Breaking the business’s tradition, a bra company hires two men, Johnny and Wayne, to design the “Ultimate Bra” in three months. Facing the difficulties imposed by Lena, a department head, will the duo eventually prove the others wrong with their design of an “Ultimate Bra”?

Date and Time: 31 May 2023 (Wed) 4:20PM
Film Duration: 94 mins
Category: IIB
Language: Cantonese (Chinese and English subtitles)

My Left Eye Sees Ghosts (WMC)

Receiving an inheritance from her businessman husband, who she married to just seven days after their encounter. May Ho has then spent three years stress-free and spoiled,yet still feels unsatisfied. Upon surviving a car accident, she's been able to see ghosts with her left eye …

Date and Time: 3 June 2023 (Sat) 1:15PM; 21 June 2023 (Wed) 7:40Pm
Film duration: 103 minutes
Category: IIA
Language: Cantonese (Chinese and English subtitles)

Lost in Time (WMC)

With her fiancé, minibus driver Ah Man, passing away right before their marriage, Siu Wai takes up the responsibility of his minibus business and son with his ex-wife Lok Lok. Out of empathy at first, Dai Fai assists Siu Wai and falls for her gradually. But will Siu Wai ever let go of her late fiancé?

Date and Time: 10 June 2023 (Sat)1:40PM
Film duration: 109 minutes
Category: IIA
Language: Cantonese (Chinese and English subtitles)

Life Without Principle (WMC)

Gangster Panther, bank worker Teresa and inspector Richie Jen are connected out of a robbery to Chung Yuen’s ten-million savings during the times of a global economic crisis when financial problems outweigh principles.

Date and Time: 7 June 2023 (Wed) 7:40PM; 24 Jun (Sat) 3:30PM
Film Duration: 107 mins
Category: IIB
Language: Cantonese (Chinese and English subtitles)

Overheard (WMC)

Surveillance specialists inspector Johnny, police officer Gene Yeung and detective Max are assigned to stake out a company that’s suspected of stock fraud. From the eavesdropping, a planned manipulation of the market is revealed, which secretly catches the attention of two specialists who are in financial need.

Date and Time: 14 June 2023 (Wed) 7:40PM
Film Duration: 99 mins
Category: IIB
Language: Cantonese (Chinese and English subtitles)

The Longest Nite

Corrupt cop Sam handles negotiations between two triad leaders who plan to join forces. Troubles arise when he finds himself followed by a strange man named Tony. When Sam finds himself a suspect for murder, he is certain his stalker is behind it.

Date and Time: 15 July 2023 (Sat) 2:30PM; 29 July 2023 (Sat) 2:30PM
Film duration: 81 minutes
Category: TBC
Language: Cantonese (Chinese and English subtitles)

Expect the Unexpected

A group of inept criminals botch a jewellery store robbery. The cops, led by straight-laced Ken and wise-cracking Sam, begin to investigate the case and quickly confuse the jewel thieves with a gang of dangerous robbers in the same area.

Date and Time: 22 July 2023 (Sat) 2:30PM
Film duration: 87 minutes
Category: TBC
Language: Cantonese (Chinese and English subtitles)

A Hero Never Dies

Jack and Martin are friends and members of rival triads in the middle of a gang war. A spectacular shootout in Thailand leaves both men severely wounded, while their respective girlfriends sacrifice themselves for their lovers. Afterwards, the gang leaders reach a truce, while Jack and Martin each embark on a journey for vengeance…

Date and Time: 23 July 2023 (Sun) 2:30PM
Film duration: 103 minutes
Category: IIA
Language: Cantonese (Chinese and English subtitles)

C'est La Vie, Mon Chéri (4K)

Min, a singer from a Cantonese street opera troupe, meets Kit, a struggling jazz musician who has just broken up with his celebrity girlfriend. Min’s bubbly nature gradually changes Kit for the better, reviving his passion for music and life. Yet just as their relationship begins to blossom, Min is re-diagnosed with the bone cancer she had suffered as a child…

Date and Time: 26 July 2023 (Wed) 7:40PM
Film duration: 98 minutes
Category: TBC
Language: Cantonese (Chinese and English subtitles)

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PERFORMANCE 11 — Live Shows at K11 MUSEA

Embark on a journey of imagination with live performances at K11 MUSEA!

Discover PERFORMANCE 11’s range of live shows spanning the fields of music, dance, and performance art.

Calling all K-pop fans! Come and join local dance school SDZ to Dance For A Cause! Be part of a global K-pop frenzy and bop to the beats of more than 60 K-pop dance hits on the promenade outside K11 MUSEA. Participate in this charity event for the WEMP Foundation, a non-profit organisation that seeks to promote mental health for children in the society. [Donate now]!

Date: 10 Jun 2023 (Sat)
Time: 4:30PM – 5:15PM
Location: G/F, Promenade, K11 MUSEA

2. Prodance K-pop Dance Show
Feel the energy of K-pop with dynamic performances by junior students at Prodance!

Date: 17 Jun 2023 (Sat)
Time: 3PM – 5PM
Location: 2F, Big Steps, K11 MUSEA

3. Prodance K-pop Dance Show
Get ready to be mesmerised by suave K-pop dance moves from advanced and professional students at Prodance!

Date: 24 Jun 2023 (Sat)
Time: 5PM – 6PM
Location: 3F, Design Republic, K11 MUSEA

Performance details are subject to change without further notice.