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Nature Discovery Park


Hong Kong’s first urban biodiversity museum and sustainability-themed education park

Nature Discovery Park is Hong Kong’s first urban biodiversity museum and sustainability-themed education park.
Showcasing Hong Kong’s ecological importance and global value, it plays host to a variety of rare plants endemic to our shore, and also feature tropical and native plants, an aquarium and naturally attracted butterflies.

Events at Nature Discovery Park
K11 Event
Nature Art Jam at the Park

Nature Art Jam at the Park
Looking for ways to channel your child’s energy into creativity?
Come take a breath of fresh air in the city’s oasis, let your child’s imagination run free with a guided tour to discover native and exotic plant species as well as components from the earth, sky and sea at Hong Kong’s first urban biodiversity museum, Nature Discovery Park (8/F, K11 MUSEA).
Treating this urban park as a studio, children can take inspiration from the surrounding greenery to create their own nature art.
Our docent will demonstrate proper hand sanitizing techniques for kids to raise their hygiene awareness.
Tour price includes one set of art supplies
Fee: HK$200 (for one child and one guardian)
- Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
- For the health of all guests and staff, all participants are required to have their body temperature measured by K11 MUSEA staff upon arrival, and to wear a mask throughout the session. K11 MUSEA and Nature Discovery Park reserves the right to turn away, without refund, those who do not comply with the health and hygiene measures deemed necessary by K11 MUSEA, with body temperature over 37°C, or show signs of illness.

01 Jun
Get in Touch With Jellyfish

• Understand the basic water cycle
• Create a basic filtering system
• Discover the life cycle of jellyfish
• Get interactive with jellyfish

18 Jul - 18 Jul
Creative Healthy Hong Kong-Style Dim Sum Workshop

• Learn about sustainable organic farming and experience harvesting crops
• Use organic produce and Savour Life’s products to make unique Hong Kong dim sum

12 Sep - 12 Sep
Coffee Meditation Workshop

• Get rid of your worries and learn to integrate meditation into your daily life
• Calm down, breathe and listen to your heart through course sharing, coffee-making and guidance of the instructor
• Learn basic hand-brewing techniques. Experience the 5 senses: sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste, and reach the sixth sense: intuition
• Enhance your belief and well-being through meditation

28 Aug - 28 Aug

Venue Rental

We welcome individuals and groups who would like to organise events, meetings, lunch, dinner, cocktail gatherings, wedding and birthday parties in Nature Discovery Park. Contact us for the bespoke package!