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27 & 28 Dec 2021
Agent Chipmunk STEAM Workshop: Save Our Winter!

Agent Chipmunk STEAM Workshop: Save Our Winter!

Time to put on your scientist lab coat! This winter, Big Bang Academy's Agent Chipmunk invites little agents to create cool gadgets with the power of science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM) to defeat evil Bobo and save winter!

Children will learn science and art in an immersive English environment and discover their potential and interest in STEAM!

Workshop Description:

Complete three winter science missions in our 1.5 hour workshop and children may bring the DIY experiments home!

This workshop will be conducted in a small class setting by Big Bang Academy's professional STEAM instructors (class taught in English).

1.) Learn about the Chemistry behind acid-base reaction and create our own popping and fizzing winter candy cane

2.) Apply the chemistry of gases and physics of air to make a smoky air cannon

3.) Build a light up Snowman Christmas Card with electrical circuits

Nature & Wellness
For Kids
Kids Friendly
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27 & 28 Dec 2021
10:30 - 17:00
Nature Discovery Park
5 - 12 Years Old Kids
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K11 Event
LEGO®, Let’s Go! Hong Kong’s First LEGOLAND ® Discovery Centre is opening at K11 MUSEA

Hong Kong gets its very first temple dedicated to the world’s most popular toy building bricks, LEGO®, with the LEGO® Discovery Centre newly opened this March at K11 MUSEA. We break down some fun facts and key attractions that the city’s own keen builders are sure to look forward to.

Did you know the first LEGO® block was made from wood in 1932? Danish carpenter Ole Kirk Kristiansen came up with the word “LEGO®“ after the contracted Danish phrase leg godt, meaning “play well”. As machinery and plastics became readily available, the company’s iconic interlocking toy brick system was born, and LEGO® has since become the building blocks to bring imaginations to life.

Now standing on the world stage, the LEGO® brand not only offers its iconic toys, but also boardgames, films, video games, retail stores, and theme parks — including 27 LEGOLAND Discovery Centres all around the world, and with the latest opening at K11 MUSEA this March. Expect 10 exciting LEGO attractions at LEGOLAND ® Discovery Centre Hong Kong and look forward to a day of fun with the whole family

Taking a team of 46 LEGO Builders, 9 LEGO Designers, 4 Technicians and over 7,150 hours, MINILAND® is the first-of-its-kind miniature LEGO® replica of Hong Kong’s famous landmarks and streetways, including the Peak Tram, Star Ferry Central Pier, Temple Street and K11 MUSEA itself! The must-see attraction is worth spending time browsing as you spot all the intricate details.

For adventure seekers, the ride attraction Kingdom Quest is where you can embark on a mission to rescue a captured princess by defeating enemies along the way. You won’t want to miss Merlin’s Apprentice, either: a thrill ride where you can pedal your way to becoming the strongest wizard. Those who want to be floored by sights and sounds will want to check out the LEGO ® 4D Studio, as the 3D film transitions into a full-fledged 4D adventure — complete with rain, wind, and even snow, all under K11 MUSEA’s roof!

Testing your creativity (and the laws of physics) at the Master Build Classroom, LEGO ® Creative Workshop and Build & Test stations — particularly if you love to test the speed and durability of your race car creations.

And of course, who can forget the LEGO® Cafe, best reserved for a relaxing pitstop between all the exciting attractions, and the Gift Shop, featuring exclusive products only available at K11 MUSEA!

Rest assured, as the ultimate indoor kid’s playground, LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre is well-equipped with the sanitation and crowd control measures for the current situation, so parents and kids alike can play to their heart’s content with peace of mind.

Grab your tickets now and join us at LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre for a full day of LEGO® building fun!

Opening Hours: Weekdays, 11:00am-8:00pm (Last Entry: 7:00pm) | Weekends 10:00am - 9:00pm (Last Entry : 8:00pm)

Location: B131-133, B1/F, K11 MUSEA, Victoria Dockside, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong, 2143 7300

Ticketing Information: Single Day Admission Passes from HK$240 per person; Annual Passes from HK$799 per person. Limited-time packages inclusive of special souvenirs also available at HK$499 (original price HK$629), click below to learn more!

Book Now

B131-133, B1/F, K11 MUSEA
K11 Event
Gifts of Music and Dance Under Cartier’s Tallest Christmas Tree!

Start your Christmas celebrations with a visit to the tallest Cartier Christmas Tree in Hong Kong!

This holiday season, under the shimmering red and gold of the awe-inspiring 13-metre-tall Cartier Christmas Tree, marvel at an exclusive programme of homegrown talents and musical performances ringing across K11 MUSEA’s Promenade!

Taking the stage every weekend leading up to Christmas, see highly anticipated guest performers serenade audiences with their enchanting songs to welcome the festive spirit. Snap a photo with Cartier’s iconic bellboys, as they make an appearance alongside carolling acapella groups and performing bands.

Make your Christmas wish under the dazzling Cartier Christmas Tree and celebrate with a slew of exciting performances that will make this Christmas the most memorable one.

Performance Schedule:

4 Dec (Sat): Leung Chiu Fung from C AllStar, Cloud Wan, SENZA, and Beatboxer Adan Pang
5 Dec (Sun): Kaho Hung, Manson, and VSing

11 Dec (Sat): Anna hisbbuR with R.O.O.T Duo
12 Dec (Sun): Ng Lam Fung with Dear Jane

18 Dec (Sat): per se with On Chan from C AllStar
19 Dec (Sun): Yoyo Shum and Gareth. T

25 Dec (Sat): Panther Chan with Mike Orange and The Universe Travellers
26 Dec (Sun): Jay Fung with MC Cheung

*Performance schedule may vary

Location: G/F, Promenade
Time: 3:00pm-3:30pm

G/F, Promenade
K11 Event
Get Whisked Away to Nelson Chow’s Otherworldly ‘Dreamscape’

Explore a fantastical dreamland filled with light as you travel skywards on a sci-fi adventure. With a knack for crafting bespoke spaces emphasising on storied experiences, Hong Kong architect Nelson Chow imagines a surreal escape that whisks Hongkongers away from the mundane, as a glowing ‘space shuttle’ arrives on K11 MUSEA’s Bohemian Garden bestowing the gift of a pulsing, dormant cloud for all to experience up close, complete with otherworldly limited edition treats and merchandise from Elephant Grounds.

Try a selection of specially crafted canned drinks, including Rose Lemonade and Pineapple Rosemary Iced Tea, and browse an array of limited edition merchandise including T-shirts and pins.

Nelson Chow
Fibre glass, mirror steel, LED, mist system
265 x 350 x 350 cm

Courtesy of the artist.

Date: From 24 Sep
Location: 7F, Bohemian Garden

7F, Bohemian Garden, K11 MUSEA
K11 Event
(Online) Eco-leadership Programme

Online Eco-leadership Programme

Do you know how many insect species live in Hong Kong? 10,000, 20,000 or 30,000? No one knows the exact number, but for sure, they exceed any other groups of animals or plants in terms of diversity. Another certainty is the paramount role that insects play in the functioning and health of ecosystems, even if these roles are often underappreciated or even misunderstood by most people.

Nature Discovery Park and the School of Biological Sciences of The University of Hong Kong co-developed the online eco-leadership programme, which aims to introduce the ecological importance of biodiversity and participants will learn about the direct resources insects provide to human, as well as the influence they have in science and art.

Date: Self-paced with all modules to be completed by 31 Dec 2020

Programme details:

Week 1
Part 1: Little insects keep the world moving.
Part 2: Service-oriented little insects – why not!

Week 2
Part 1: Love art, love science = love insects! Insects benefit various aspects in our lives.
Part 2: How are insects collected responsibly? Are they everywhere?

Week 3
Part 1: Learn insect-inspired “morse code” and share scientific facts confidently!
Part 2: Insects have superhero capabilities too, what would they be?

Language: English

Age: 12+