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19 May - 4 Jul 2021
Calligraphy Rhapsody - Retrospective Exhibition Of Georges Mathieu

Marking the centenary of the visionary painter Georges Mathieu (1921-2012), this showcase is co-presented with the Consulate General of France in Hong Kong & Macau.

Georges Mathieu was a true pioneer in multiple aspects: Against the tide of Geometrical Abstraction in post-war Paris, he was one of the first artists named as part of the Art Informel movement of gestural expression in art. He is considered the ""father of Lyrical Abstraction"", as his paintings in the 1940s began to give way to 'total liberty to improvisation' in manners of all aesthetics. With his pursuit for speedy, improvised calligraphic gesture, he was a key instigator of performance art, sparking a new era of connection between the School of Paris artists and the emerging Abstract Expressionists in New York — for the first time, painting became pure spectacle.

This retrospective exhibition showcases 14 major paintings tracing 40 years from his early work in the 1950s to his later ""cosmic shift"" period which started in 1984, as well as 3 large-scale paintings of 6-metre-wide canvases that were specially created for his major retrospective at the Grand Palais in 1978.

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19 May - 4 Jul 2021
11:00 - 20:00
605, 6F, K11 Art & Cultural Centre
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K11 Event
LOEWE Weaves: An Exploration of Weaving as Structure and Craft

As Art Month continues to heat up at K11 MUSEA, one luxury brand has created a one-of-a-kind project with its passion for craftsmanship and artistry. The LOEWE Weaves project is a collection of unique, artisan-crafted objects exploring the act of weaving as a structural form as well as a decorative craft. Part of the collection is showcased and available on Sotheby’s online, while four Galician chestnut roasters from the project are appearing for the first time in Hong Kong — now available exclusively at K11 MUSEA.

What are Galician chestnut roasters? These vessels punctured with holes all over take centre stage in the collection. They are traditionally used during the Castañada festival (often dubbed the “chestnut party”) in the historical Galicia region in northern Spain as a celebration of the changing seasons. Functionally, these holes ensured chestnuts were evenly roasted. But for this collaboration, they became the ideal creative playground for three artists to experiment with various weaving techniques, twisting the functional, original objects into abstract and fun artworks.

“Craft is one of my main interests: one that I’ve made central to LOEWE’s identity” — Jonathan Anderson, Creative Director of LOEWE

At K11 MUSEA, you’ll find an exclusive selection of four chestnut roasters from artisans in LOEWE’s own ateliers. These earthenware pots were handmade by master potter Antonio Pereira, and will be available for view and for purchase only at LOEWE’s K11 MUSEA boutique. Displayed along the chestnut roasters is the brand’s newest collection of fine handcrafted leather and raffia accessories rich in artisanal details: bags, bracelets, and woven and knotted vases.

Amongst the collection is the latest iteration of a handbag that has risen to become one of the brand’s signature silhouettes—the balloon bag—which made its debut in the SS20 season. Its unique shape has been designed and animated in the same way as the chestnut roasters, decorated and embellished with surplus leather, allowing the signature sign to come into full bloom for the sunny season.

Curious about the collection? See the playfully imaginative artworks on display now at LOEWE’s K11 MUSEA store.


K11 Event
New Art Books Launching at K11 MUSEA this May

As part of K11 MUSEA's Art Karnival festivities during Art Month, art book collectors will want to add these newly published masterworks to their collection.

Chinese Art: The Impossible Collection, by New World Development CEO and K11 Founder Adrian Cheng and fellow art collector and entrepreneur John Dodelande, is the first celebration of contemporary Chinese art of its kind, with 100 seminal works offering a glimpse into the nation’s rapid transformation from the turn of the 21st century to the present day. The oversized monograph is published by Assouline and a meet-and-greet and book signing will take place on 18 May for VIPs by invitation only.

City As Studio is a comprehensive English and Chinese publication that traces the dynamic history of graffiti and street art in cities such as New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco from the 1970s to now. The publication is presented as a prelude to the exhibition City As Studio slated for 2022, curated by legendary art curator and dealer Jeffrey Deitch, who brought Andy Warhol to Hong Kong in 1982. The publication features more than 30 artists, from renowned artists such as Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat and FUTURA, to contemporary innovators such as KAWS and Shepard Fairey, showcasing an extensive combination of archival photographs, anecdotal stories and interviews.

Katharina Grosse: Mumbling Mud is the catalogue of German artist Katharina Grosse's first major art exhibition in China, held at the chi art museum Shanghai in 2018, with conversations with fellow artists Cao Fei, Cui Jie, Zheng Guogu, Li Ming and Zhang Enli, whom she met during her research visit in the conceptualisation of Mumbling Mud.

605, 6F, K11 Art & Cultural Centre
K11 Event
Over 1,000 Years of Craftsmanship Comes to Modern Life

The Glorious Heritage
Presented by K11 Craft & Guild Foundation, The Glorious Heritage celebrates the age-old craftsmanship of Baibaoqian and Luodian inlay art. With antique masterpieces and reinterpreted craftwork by contemporary artisans and designers, the exhibition tells the story of the long-forgotten inlay art and how the endangered artistry can be innovatively adapted to modern living, which K11 MUSEA offers. The iridescent decorations of the inlay exhibits provide a shimmering kaleidoscope of colours against the gleaming backdrop of Gold Ball at K11 MUSEA.

Dating back to late Ming dynasty 400 years ago, Baibaoqian refers to the intricate wood inlay work comprised of variegated semi-precious materials. Each inlay component is skilfully carved separately before the pieces are assembled together to make up a pictorial image rich in colour, texture and depth.

With over 1,000 years of history dating back to the Tang dynasty, Luodian is a distinctive decorative method featuring Mother-of-Pearl inlay techniques. Luo refers to the texture of the inlay material while Dian refers to the decorative process.

1F (Near Calvin Klein)
K11 Event
Izumi Kato Trio of Otherworldly Bronzes

A colossal bronze sculpture trio mysteriously appears like islands in the midst of cerulean waves covering the ground of K11 Sculpture Park.

Izumi Kato's enigmatic humanoid sculptures, appearing for the first time in bronze in the artist's almost 30-year-long practice, are a variation from the stone series that began in 2016, with stones originally collected from a landfill near the artist's seaside studio in Hong Kong. The bronze trio mimics the primitive shape of the stones yet showcase a marked departure in terms of material. They extend the artist's fascination with depicting a mystical past and provenance of such alien-like totems, which could equally come from a distant future as well.

Kato further transforms the outdoor area on the sixth floor of K11 MUSEA into a fully site-specific experience, creating an island in the midst of blue seas, echoing the waterfront position of Victoria Dockside.

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6F, K11 Sculpture Park