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K11 Event
21 Nov, 2019
Calvin Marcus’s Structure Series

American artist Calvin Marcus’s body of work, witty and with a sense of surreal humour, reflects his interest in artistic personas. On view at the Garage Event Space located on the B2 floor of K11 MUSEA, this exhibition showcases seven meticulously crafted wooden structures glowing in the dark. Each structure is in itself an exhibition in miniature, featuring another artist—Kelly Akashi, Sara Clendening, James Herman, Michael Williams, Ravi Jackson, and Ted Christensen respectively—or highlighting some scaled-down works of art or an architectural detail. The mini-exhibitions, with their lights on, offer an interesting perspective to look at the physical and institutional settings in which artists’ works are displayed, whilst inviting ruminations on what supports one’s artistic endeavour.

Image courtesy of the artist and CLEARING New York, Brussels

21 Nov, 2019
10:00 - 22:00
Garage Event Space, B2, K11 MUSEA, Victoria Dockside, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
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The Magic of Christmas Muse

Warmly embrace the merriest time of the year at K11 MUSEA as the magnificent ‘Galaxy of Creativity’ opens its door to spread hope and inspire positive change through the power of Creativity, Culture and Innovation.

Fusing a love for theatre, visual arts and travel, New York-based designer Stefan Beckman creates a stylised Christmas landscape, aiming to transform the space into a theatrical set. Come and be inspired by the dreamy, substantial, optimistic presence of the decoration at the Bohemian Lawn.

At Bohemian Garden, the spirit of Christmas Muse is all around us. The outdoor space has been transformed into a cosy park with gilded trees surrounding the platform, which glows in daylight and sparkles at sunset. Come rest and converse with your body and soul on the delicately designed benches and capture beautiful moments with your loved ones at the golden arches.

Bohemian Garden, 7F
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Voice of the Harp

Join us in the first-ever harp performance at K11 MUSEA and enjoy elegant and graceful music brought to you by talented young harpists from Voice of the Harp.

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Winter Market

Enjoy up to 50% off on beauty and gourmet gifts and receive a complimentary glass of virgin mulled wine upon any purchases at the Winter Market while immersing yourself into our acoustic accordion performances. Come pick some holiday gifts for your beloved ones now!

Date: 7 – 8 December 2019

B2 (Opposite to Ferrari Store Junior)
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Hong Kong Treble Choir

Hong Kong Treble Choir presents you with 2 different choral performances by their brilliant students aged 4 – 6 and 6 – 8, nourishing your soul with rich festivity and innocent voices.

Time: 28th Dec 2019 | 12:30 - 12:50
Venue: Kids Activity Space , B2 , K11 MUSEA (Opposite to Shop B233A)

Kids Activity Space , B2 , K11 MUSEA (Opposite to Shop B233A)