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K11 Event
Monday-Sunday (20 minutes/session)
Donut Playhouse: Happy Mega Slide (Oct)

Donut and Ah Meow are taking our little ones on a stunning adventure at the 3-storey high unique sculptural slide, custom-designed by award-winning Danish playground design firm MONSTRUM, at Donut Playhouse! Enter to enjoy the wonderful experience once registered as Donut Kids Club member after purchase entry ticket. What’s more? The groundbreaking digital interactive game encourages kids to engage their 5 senses and become little problem-solvers. Oh, have we mentioned the exciting physical games and more? It’s definitely a perfect place for families!


Mon-Sun & Public Holiday; 11am-7pm (Cleaning time: 1:30pm-2:30pm)

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9187 9792

To prevent infectious diseases, we have immediately enhanced disinfection and precautionary measures.

- Entry Ticket includes 1 Adult and 1 Child

- Ticket includes a slide(from G/F to B1) for unlimited times and games in B1 for 20 minutes

- All tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable

- For the online ticket holders please arrive at the venue 15 minutes before start time for registration

- Each session time is about 20 minutes; Final admission time is 30 minutes before closing

- About the playhouse opening hours, session times and cleaning time, please call 9187 9792 or check with our frontline staff

- Subject to quota availability

- Terms and Conditions apply; In the event of any disputes, Donut Playhouse reserves the right of final decision

For Kids
Kids Friendly
Monday-Sunday (20 minutes/session)
11:00 - 19:00
Shop G050, G/F, K11 MUSEA, Victoria Dockside, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
3 - 12 Years Old Kids
KLUB 11 Registered Member / Pre-Member
KLUB 11 Gold Card Member
KLUB 11 Artist KLUB Paid Member
KLUB 11 Black Card Member
More Details
HKD $130
/ Person

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K11 Event
A Fine Fusion between Minimalist Music & Contemporary Art

K11 MUSEA is committed in fostering cross-cultural and art exchanges, we are proud to present a minimalist performance series by the Hong Kong Contemporary Music Group, inspired by the collection of iconic artworks on display at the K11 Art & Cultural Centre. The series pays tribute to 3 iconic and pioneering minimalist composers – Terry Riley, Philip Glass and Michael Nyman.

The hugely influential and significant minimalist movement in music, with its ingenious use of patterns, removed the trivial barriers forged between ‘high’ and ‘low’ art in music; resonating to K11’s vision to advocate the interconnectedness of creativity, culture and innovation for global millennial appreciation in art.

The centrepiece of the entire programme, Terry Riley’s In C, written back in 1964, was the founding work of the minimalist movement in music. The most striking aspect of this work is its flexibility – above the always-present pulsating ‘groove’ that propels the music forward, each musician has a high degree of freedom when performing and interacting with neighbouring musicians – and yet each rendition is unmistakably recognisable as In C. Riley’s In C, with no fixed instrumentation, is in essence about community, and its ecology of continually evolving landscape is perhaps comparable to the space at the K11 Art & Cultural Centre.

The programme is curated and directed by Dr. Fung Lam, previously the Director of Artistic Planning with the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra who also holds the distinction of being the first Hong Kong composer ever commissioned by the BBC.

Join us in this stimulating and minimalist music programme.

2020-10-31 (Sat), 16:30 – 17:00
Michael Nyman: In Re Don Giovanni
Michael Nyman: Revisiting the Don

2020-11-07 (Sat), 16:30 – 17:00
Philip Glass: Company
Michael Nyman: The Piano Sings (from The Piano)

K11 Art & Cultural Centre, 6F, K11 MUSEA
K11 Event
(Online Course) Little Nature Ambassador Programme

The “Little Nature Ambassador Programme” is curated by Nature Discovery Park in partnership with The Jane Goodall Institute Hong Kong – founded by United Nations Peace Ambassador, Dr. Jane Goodall. The Programme is also supported by local social organizations Beyond Vision Projects, AESIR and SLCO Community Resources Limited.

Each participant will be able to receive:
• An e-Certificate of Achievement signed by Nature Discovery Park and The Jane Goodall Institute Hong Kong upon completion of all modules.
• Four online modules - covering Earth, Sea and Sky natural elements, Hong Kong’s Biodiversity, Lifecycle of Plants, Sustainable Living Tips and Recycling Concepts to encourage children to adopt Eco-friendly daily habits.
• One Take-home learning kit – Nature Discovery Park Storybook, Tactile learning sheets with Braille and augmented reality-enabled sign bilingual vocabulary learning package.

This programme aims to nurture a new generation of sustainability changemakers. Through the multi-sensory learning kit, children will discover the mysteries of nature and be motivated to care about the environment. The programme also aims to promote social inclusion and Creating Shared Value (CSV).

Age : 4 to 8 years old

K11 Event
Long Time No See

Award winning French artist Neïl Beloufa’s first showcase in HK
Titled Long Time No See, this is the visionary French artist Neïl Beloufa's first showcase in Hong Kong. His work is present in numerous prestigious collection including the collection of Centre Pompidou, Paris Museum of Modern Art; New York, Sammlung Goetz; Munich and more.

Can algorithmic formulas predict our love dynamics?
The focal point of the showcase, the video and installation Life as Data from 2014 is part of a series of works which announced a lot of today's reality. In this video work, a group of French mathematicians attempt to predict the love dynamics of a group of Canadians through algorithmic formulas, a method now commonly used to track consumer choices and preferences, both online and offline. Since the pandemic, our life has moved further into the digital world, creating new systems and new hierarchies, a phenomena that Beloufa has always been interested in, with projects such as his recent website "", adapted from a film originally shot in 2014, the Screen Talk series depicts a world with a precursory vision and an offbeat tone. Additionally, these projects are an exploratory look at a new model of producing artistic work with an online distribution with major partners such as K11 Art Foundation.

The artist works like an editor, splicing together snippets of film, and his works invite people to experience the realistic and virtual worlds with ease. This network of information is also valuable to better understand present society that has moments of instability. By weaving technological forces into an artistic context allows Neïl Beloufa to convey to a discerning public how much impact digital technology has on our daily lives and relationships. By engaging with digital technology as an exciting new Wonderland, than the artist’s conceptual artworks invites viewers to jump in and escape from reality.

This virtual tour can be accessed via the hyperlink below. Please take note that after clicking [ENTER] below, you will automatically be redirected away from K11 MUSEA website to a third party website (operated by Matterport, Inc., access of which is subject to their terms of use and cookies policy).

Enter the virtual tour here

Image courtesy: K11 Art Foundation

6F & 7F, K11 Art & Cultural Centre, K11 MUSEA
K11 Event

Xiao Yu
H210 x W173 x D147 cm

The term "BB", with its duality of simple appearance and overabundance of connotations, bears the artist's reflection on the phenomenon of over-interpretation in the contemporary art world. Xiao Yu’s BB series of bronze sculptures is an extension of his past "bamboo" sculptures that emphasize the “violent deconstruction” of traditional symbols. Having evolved from that, the new series moves away from the manifestation of violence and instead devotes itself to the construction and writing of the artist's own language. The lines of these works are disorderly yet fluent, reminiscent of the brushstrokes in Chinese calligraphy. Xiao Yu adapts the medium of bronze to make the "bamboo" break away from its innate physical characteristics and realize otherwise unachievable postures. The lines and colors form an internal context that does not depend on the external environment – fragmentation and alienation of bamboo as a symbol makes it a part of his personal abstract language. The artist retains the visual cognition of bamboo through details on the works while removing its traditional connotations, and in this process, the subtle convergence from the natural to the artificial is acquired, providing a most intuitive aesthetic experience to the audience.

Xiao Yu (b. 1965, Inner Mongolia) graduated from the Mural Painting Department at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1989 and now lives and works in Beijing. He was invited to participate in international exhibitions including La Biennale di Venezia, Lyon Biennial of Contemporary Art, Istanbul Biennial, Shanghai Biennale and Guangzhou Triennial including the Offsite Project at the Royal College of Art in London. He has exhibited works at Centre Pompidou, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum Japan, Seoul Art Museum, Bern Art Museum Switzerland,NAMOC, Shanghai Art Museum, Guangdong Art Museum, Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA), Pace Gallery Beijing and other eminent exhibition spaces. He was awarded the Chinese Contemporary Art Award (CCAA) in 2000.