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Kids Discovery
2021-07-17 - 2021-12-11
Get Confident Speaking in Public with Fairy Tales

In this course, you will:

• Combat public speaking jitters and learn all the skills needed to become confident speaking in public.

• Learn how to harness body language, facial expression, literary techniques and vocal projection to create persuasive and compelling speeches.

For kids aged 6-10

This course module includes a mid-term evaluation and a performance by the end of the module at K11 MUSEA, where parents can witness their children's achievements.

A free taster course could be arranged for this module to preview the course content before enrolment. For more details, please contact Mr Cyrus Chan at

For Kids
2021-07-17 - 2021-12-11
14:30 - 16:00
6 - 10 Years Old Kids
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Jan Brink

A native South African dramatist with years of extensive experience, Jan is an award-winning theatre-maker, with a significant emphasis on writing and directing. His expertise has seen him take to the stage in numerous productions whilst simultaneously writing and directing his own award-winning pieces of theatre, most recently receiving the Best Upcoming Talent award for his role in ""Lungs"" and the Award for Best Debut Production at the Free State National Arts Festival for his original script ""Sarah"". He has also used his experience to pursue a passion for teaching communication skills through the medium of theatre and has educated students of all ages in the fundamentals of the art.