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Love’s ‘First Emotions’ — BYREDO New Makeup for Valentine’s Day

Arriving just in time for Valentine’s Day, BYREDO First Emotions collection by makeup partner Lucia Pica pre-launches exclusively at K11 MUSEA!

All about that first rush of falling in love, this dreamy makeup collection captures the elusive moods, existing beyond words or images, that pulse through the veins of the lovestruck.

Shop the glow of love at K11 MUSEA BYREDO today!

‘First Emotions’ Collection

State of Emotions Eyeshadow Palette (Limited Edition)

Price: HK$620

Mixed Emotions Mascara (Limited Edition)

Price: HK$370

Lipstick — Transported (Limited Edition)

Price: HK$400

Lipstick — On The Fence

Price: HK$400

Ambivalent Kajal Pencil (Limited Edition)

Price: HK$290

Opening hours: 11AM – 9PM

Location: B120, B1, K11 MUSEA

From now on
11:00 - 21:00
B120, B1, K11 MUSEA
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K11 Event
The Legend of Opulent Fashion — Versace Now Open at K11 MUSEA

Discover new heights of luxury at Versace, now open at K11 MUSEA! Harnessing Versace’s reverence for mythology, the house launches the Greca Goddess line of luxury bags. Inspired by the rebellious character of Medusa, the central Greca chain hardware infuses classical sophistication with a bold dash of character.

K11 MUSEA Exclusive

Greca Goddess Small Shoulder Bag (Violet)
Price: HK$19,600

Medusa Biggie Mini Bag (Green)

Founded in 1978, the Gianni Versace S.r.l. is one of the leading global fashion design houses. Under the Artistic Direction of Donatella Versace since 1997, Gianni Versace S.r.l. designs, manufactures and distributes fashion and lifestyle products including haute couture, women and men ready-to-wear, jewellery, watches, accessories, fragrances and home collection.

Shop your legendary bag at Versace today!

Location: G06, G/F, K11 MUSEA
Opening hours: 11:00am - 9:00pm

G06, G/F, K11 MUSEA
K11 Event
K11 Konversations: Artisanship in Fashion Beyond Time

Whalebones, aliens, and couture… how are all these related to the world of fashion? Dr. Claire Allen-Johnstone from the V&A Museum walks us through 200 years of fashion — and how historical style inspires alien couture!

Time shapes our experiences of clothing, from how we access a garment to its choice of silhouette, colour, and textile. In this K11 Konversation, Dr. Allen-Johnstone speaks with Jian DeLeon on the rich history behind the V&A’s capsule collection of British and French womenswear from the 1830s to 1960, presented at K11’s The Love of Couture: Artisanship in Fashion Beyond Time.

Listen to find out why wedding dresses used to be worn on more than one occasion, what unexpected materials were used in 19th-century clothing, the distinction between couture and haute couture, and the many changes in fashion history spurred by technological innovation and social change.

Learn how the legacy of this historical collection continues today, as 6 contemporary designers present their bespoke responses to the V&A collection at The Love of Couture exhibition, creating further connections across time and place.

Discover the artisanship of fashion today!

K11 Konversations: Artisanship in Fashion Beyond Time
Guest: Dr. Claire Allen-Johnstone, Project Curator from the V&A
Moderator: Jian DeLeon
Language: English

Tune in on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or your favourite podcast platforms below.


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K11 Event
The First-Ever Nespresso RE:FARM Concept Store is Here — From Coffee Grounds to Culinary Delights

From Capsule & Cup to the Dinner Table

Nespresso RE:FARM Presents Coffee with a Sustainable Impact

Keep your used Nespresso coffee capsules! Nespresso RE:FARM’s first concept in Hong Kong, now open at K11 MUSEA, features a specialised on-site capsule recycler to give your spent coffee a second life.
Separated into aluminium and coffee grounds, your coffee waste will become compost with RE:FARM’s Bokashi composter, helping to grow fresh herbs, vegetables, and edible flowers to be enjoyed at K11 MUSEA and Rosewood HK restaurants!

RE:FARM Events & Workshops

From Oct 22 onwards, join Nespresso RE:FARM’s exciting programme of events and workshops to learn how you can help turn coffee into a force for good!

Bring your used Nespresso capsules to K11 MUSEA and see how you can make an impact today!

Date: Sep 2022 – Jun 2023
Opening Hours: 11:30PM – 8:30PM
Location: B201, Unit 30, B2

B201, Unit 30, B2
K11 Event
Nature Art Jam at the Park (Winter Edition)

Looking for ways to channel your child’s energy into creativity?
Come take a breath of fresh air in the city’s oasis, let your child’s imagination run free with a guided tour to discover native and exotic plant species as well as components from the earth, sky and sea at Hong Kong’s first urban biodiversity museum, Nature Discovery Park (8/F, K11 MUSEA).
Treating this urban park as a studio, children can take inspiration from the surrounding greenery to create their own nature art.

Fee: HK$350 (for one child and one guardian)
Tour price includes:
- 1 set of art supplies (Winter edition includes 3D ornaments such as pastel colored crystals, gold and silver beads, LED strip etc. for a glittery art jamming)*
- 1 set of card and envelope for "Time Capsule Letter Crafting" experience
- Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
- For the health of all guests and staff, all participants are required to have their body temperature measured by K11 MUSEA staff upon arrival, and to wear a mask throughout the session. K11 MUSEA and Nature Discovery Park reserves the right to turn away, without refund, those who do not comply with the health and hygiene measures deemed necessary by K11 MUSEA, with body temperature over 37°C, or show signs of illness.
*Photos are for reference only; actual products and materials might vary.

Nature Discovery Park, 8F K11 MUSEA