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7 - 28 May 2022
META ODYSSEY: A Multi-Sensory Experience in the Metaverse Every Weekend

The digital and physical worlds collide throughout four weekends at K11 MUSEA, as a rhapsody of AR and live lighting effects pair with music for an immersive multi-sensory pop-up experience!

Explore the metaverse across 4 themed weekend AR showcases every Saturday:

7 May - Rock Rocket (Funk Rock sounds for blast off)

14 May - Planet Surf (Soul and Blues tracks to surf the metaverse)

21 May - Space Invader (Electric music to stimulate your creativity)

28 May - 5th Elements (the finalé of the metaverse adventure!)

What’s more, join our docent-led METAVISION TOUR to see over 200+ of the world’s biggest names in NFTs in person now!


*Performances will be filmed for coverage of the event.

7 - 28 May 2022
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K11 Event
Toddlers’ Musical Playdate in Nature with Baumhaus

Smell the fresh herbs and feel the grass between your toes! Tickle your child’s senses and connect with Mother Nature at this family workshop, where your little ones can explore Nature Discovery Park’s beautiful urban garden and take part in a slew of adventures!

In this class, you will:
● Take part in a scavenger hunt
● Learn to plant and take care of your own potted plant, which you can take home
● Take part in an array of sensory activities from Baumhaus’ dedicated Happy Baton and Kindermusik class instructors

● Each child that takes part must be accompanied by one adult
● If registration numbers are fewer 10 participants, Nature Discovery Park has the right to cancel the workshop, or invite participants to another workshop; participants will be notified three days before the workshop schedule
● The class will be held in English (with Chinese and Cantonese support)

This class is for children from 10 months to 3 YO.

6 sessions available
3 June:
09:30 - 11:00
11:30 - 13:00

4 June:
09:30 - 11:00

22 June:
10:00 - 11:30
13:00 - 14:30

Nature Discovery Park
K11 Event
K11 Konversations: Women Making An Impact Through NFTs

How do you build a community of feminists with a single artwork?

For some, the advent of “picture for proof” profile image NFTs have made pioneering NFT projects status symbols for collectors. For others, they are canvases for self-expression to showcase your tastes and beliefs, even a rallying cry for messages of empowerment and equality. For Canadian digital artist Rachel Winter, her project Remarkable Women was a celebration of all women, guided to uplift, affirm and empower. On top of a heartwarming global community connected online, proceeds from secondary sales also go towards the Remarkable Women Impact Fund that benefits international causes dedicated to women, justice, equality and inclusion as voted by the holders of Remarkable Women NFTs.

In this instalment of K11 Konversations moderated by Emmy-nominated host Shira Lazar, we speak with Remarkable Women’s artist Rachel Winter and NFT launchpad House of First’s Chief Marketing Officer Nick Fontova to discuss Winter’s art centred on female empowerment, the work behind cultivating a growing NFT project, and how to build a global, like-minded community through art.

• Nick Fontova, ‘MrPinkNFT’ & Marketing Lead, House of First
• Rachel Winter, Artist, Remarkable Women

• Shira Lazar, Digital Creator & Founder/CEO of What's Trending

K11 Konversations: Remarkable Women - Feminist Art in the Web3 World
Date: 8 June 2022
Time: 6:30PM HKT (Online Zoom Session)
Language: English


Online Zoom Session
K11 Event
Donate Cash Through the ‘Share for Good’ Platform Today! Lend a Hand, Leave an Impact!

Share for Good, Share the Love! With the outbreak of the fifth COVID-19 wave, New World Development again champions the spirit of “Creating Shared Value” with the objective to contribute to the community through concrete actions.

Connecting NGOs with like-minded individuals and organisations, New World has launched the online platform ‘Share for Good’ to bring donors and beneficiaries together and provide for the needy through monetary donations and daily necessities, such as anti-epidemic items, supermarket cash coupons, learning assistance materials and more.

Everyone can lend a helping hand to those in need and share the love! Show your support now and donate cash through the ‘Share for Good’ platform today. Lend a hand, leave an impact!


K11 Event
A Season of Homegrown Goodness: K11 MUSEA Weekend Market Pop-up

As you’re soaking up the sunshine along the harbourfront, venture to K11 MUSEA’s instagrammable Weekend Market Pop-up to discover a range of homegrown gems — from delicious handcrafted gastronomic delights to gallery-worthy artwork to all-natural skincare and aromatherapy products and more!

Explore the rotating selection of local brands every weekend from 29 April onwards at the blooming gardens on K11 MUSEA’s Art & Cultural Centre!

Spot these curated handmade goodies:
• FOOTO’s rich and gooey brownies and lava-centred cookies are a must-try for all chocoholics!
• Perfect for picnics, Le Dessert’s signature meringues and jarred desserts were created by Michelin-starred pastry chefs Alexis Watrin & Julien de Préaumont.
• Bringing Japanese outdoor culture to Hong Kong, WowPapa Go Camping offers everything from portable Japanese sake and handcrafted camping accessories, to cooking utensils and tableware.
• Breathelab.22’s array of handcrafted aromatherapy accessories will transport you to scenic landscapes with their distinct olfactive creations!

Participating Brands include:
Delicacies: The Kookē, Bel-Zims Chocolatier, Kaas Atelier, FOOTO, Hexapi Honey, Fire Rainbow, Le Dessert, Hong Kong Whistle, Ex Plum Wine, Bimstage & An-am Coffee, Hello Molly Gelato, Maison Argaud, Bonne, Yuentea

Art & Artisanal Handcrafts: C'adore Jewellery, Michelle Yuen Jewelry, Breathelab.22, Aussie Premier, The Scentist Hong Kong, WowPapa Go Camping, THEO FLORAL, Novella, T-World Pearl, CASTELBEL PORTO, Tsuiball, and more!

Handcrafted Workshops
What’s more, join in on the flowering season and perfect your craft for spring with a slew of K11 Kulture Academy workshops taking place at theWeekend Market Pop-up ! Stay tuned for more!

Dates: 29 April - 26 June 2022 (Fri, Sat, Sun & Public Holidays only)
Opening Hours: 5:00PM - 9:00PM (Fri); 12:00PM - 9:00PM (Sat, Sun & PH)
Location: 6F Art & Cultural Centre, K11 MUSEA
Admission: Free

For your peace of mind, K11 MUSEA has implemented enhanced health & safety protocols according to the government’s latest social distancing measures.

6F Art & Cultural Centre, K11 MUSEA