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K11 Event
From now till Jan 2022
Soil to Soul’s Take on White Truffle Season with a Korean Twist

Experience the ‘white gold’ of the culinary world like never before — contemporary Korean vegetarian restaurant Soil to Soul offers the coveted Alba white truffle in an exclusive seasonal promotion at K11 MUSEA!

Served with a Korean monastic ‘temple food’ twist, World Master Chef Gu Jin Kwang expertly showcases the allure of the white truffle through the use of various in-season vegetables and traditional Korean cooking techniques.

Intoxicating, fragrant, and full of earthy flavour, the unbeatable aroma of the legendary white truffle is explored in four specialty dishes, each containing 2 grams of the prized delicacy. Taste the autumnal bounty with Asparagus with Truffle Mashed Potatoes, Royal Mushroom and Truffle Consommé, Carrot and Zucchini Noodles with White Truffle, and Deep-fried Yam with Truffle Grain Syrup.

Call to reserve your table at Soil to Soul and taste these one-of-a-kind gastronomic creations now!

Asparagus with Truffle Mashed Potatoes HK$398 | Royal Mushroom and Truffle Consommé HK$338 | Carrot and Zucchini Noodles with White Truffle HK$398 | Deep-fried Yam with Truffle Grain Syrup HK$298

Date: From now till Jan 2022

Opening Hours: 12:00pm - 10:00pm

Location: 705, 7F, K11 MUSEA

Enquiries: : 2389 9588

From now till Jan 2022
12:00 - 22:00
705, 7F, K11 MUSEA
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K11 Event
JAY AHR Brings One-of-a-Kind Embroidered Art to K11 MUSEA

Hong Kong-based, Belgian-born artist and designer Jonathan Riss brings his one-of-a-kind embroidered creations to K11 MUSEA in a limited-time pop-up!

Founded by the artist 2005, the creation of JAY AHR was propelled by Riss’ philosophy to push the boundaries of design and craftsmanship while being environmentally responsible and culturally aware. To that end, the designer endeavours to give well-loved luxury bags a second life by recrafting and embedding his own brand of artistry into the well-worn items.

From Hermès Kelly, Birkin, and Constance handbags dating back to 1954 (all authenticated) to Chanel Classic Flap, Louis Vuitton Keepall and more, Riss’ works are inspired by the bags' storied provenances, which comes to life in each of their transformed, hand-embroidered bodies, each telling their unique stories.

Riss’s creations have reached star status, thanks to the likes of celebrities such as Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian each sporting a JAY AHR creation in their collection. Visit K11 MUSEA now to see these one-of-a-kind creations at the JAY AHR pop-up now!

Date: 8 Nov - 29 Dec
Opening Hours: 11:00am - 9:00pm
Location: 229, 2F, K11 MUSEA

229, 2F, K11 MUSEA
K11 Event
KOFFEE MAMEYA’S First Overseas Branch Lands at K11 MUSEA

KOFFEE MAMEYA, the iconic coffee bean speciality shop from Tokyo, opens the world’s first store offering seats. KOFFEE MAMEYA is founded by Eiichi Kunitomo, the mastermind behind Omotesando Koffee, and elevates coffee culture by focusing on presenting the very finest coffee beans.

By offering the Haute Couture Service of Coffee with 1-1 bespoke consultations, KOFFEE MAMEYA baristas will help select and prescribe the most suitable coffee bean for each guest and teach them the optimal preparation for brewing in the comfort of their own homes. Celebrating and selling black coffee (aka milk-free coffee) only, KOFFEE MAMEYA offers an outstanding range of coffee beans perfectly roasted to differing degrees including some of the finest geishas and rarest micro-lot coffees.

B217, B2
K11 Event
Agent Chipmunk STEAM Workshop: Save Our Winter!

Agent Chipmunk STEAM Workshop: Save Our Winter!
Time to put on your scientist lab coat! This winter, Big Bang Academy's Agent Chipmunk invites little agents to create cool gadgets with the power of science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM) to defeat evil Bobo and save winter!
Children will learn science and art in an immersive English environment and discover their potential and interest in STEAM!

Workshop Description:

Complete three winter science missions in our 1.5 hour workshop and children may bring the DIY experiments home!
This workshop will be conducted in a small class setting by Big Bang Academy's professional STEAM instructors (class taught in English).

1.) Learn about the Chemistry behind acid-base reaction and create our own popping and fizzing winter candy cane
2.) Apply the chemistry of gases and physics of air to make a smoky air cannon
3.) Build a light up Snowman Christmas Card with electrical circuits

Nature Discovery Park
K11 Event
Savoir-Faire: The Mastery of Craft in Fashion

Continuing an ongoing collaboration centred on haute couture together with the conservation of storied forms of craft from the East and West, New World Development CEO and K11 Founder Adrian Cheng joins forces with world-renowned fashion icon Carine Roitfeld to host the Savoir-Faire: The Mastery of Craft in Fashion — a grand celebration of artisanship, art and culture at K11 MUSEA this December.

The exhibition will showcase rare artefacts and modern pieces from the archives of K11 Craft & Guild Foundation’s (KCG), which was established by Cheng in 2018 to conserve and preserve Chinese traditional craftsmanship; alongside works of haute couture and prêt-à-porter from acclaimed design houses that include Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Chanel, Christian Dior, Givenchy, Iris van Herpen, Loewe, Louis Vuitton, Saint Laurent, Schiaparelli, Tom Ford, and Valentino, and avant-garde designers such as Richard Quinn and Tom Van der Borght.

Book now to immerse in the storied crafts of haute couture and traditional Chinese craftsmanship in Savoir-Faire: The Mastery of Craft in Fashion.

Early Bird*
Available from 22 Nov - 6 Dec
KLUB 11 Members
Mon - Thu: HK$60
Fri - Sun, Public Holidays: HK$80

Available starting 7 Dec
KLUB 11 Members
Mon - Thu: HK$70
Fri - Sun, Public Holidays: HK$100

Guided tours will be available in English and Cantonese.

Full-time students or children under 18 years old are eligible for free admission upon presenting a valid student card and HKID at entry.

*Limited quantities available; on a first-come-first-served basis. Each KLUB 11 member is eligible to purchase 4 tickets only per reservation. Tickets are non-refundable; Ticket holders will not be able to reschedule in the case of any event.

**Blackout dates apply and are subject to change without prior notice. Please click here to check scheduling availability prior to your visit.

Terms and conditions apply.

Date: 13 December, 2021 - 14 February, 2022
Location: 6F, K11 Art & Cultural Centre, K11 MUSEA

6F, K11 Art & Cultural Centre, K11 MUSEA