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2020-10-04 - 2020-11-01
Sound Art: A Symphony of Everyday Objects

• Age: 9 - 12 years old

• 5 Classes: 4, 11 18, 25 Oct (2:00 PM - 3:30 PM), 1 Nov Performance Day

• Engage in an experimental sound art programme (5 classes in total) to awaken kids’ music talent

• Explore surrounding sounds and turn them into music

• Learn to draw a sound map and make an upcycled xylophone with water bottles

• Participate in a public performance at K11 MUSEA

2020-10-04 - 2020-11-01
14:00 - 15:30
9 - 12 Years Old Kids
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875 K Dollar
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875 K Dollar
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Toolbox Percussion

Toolbox Percussion has been driving percussive arts programming in Hong Kong since 2012, curating ambitious music projects and challenging the best in the field whilst also continually nurturing new musical talent in innovative ways. As a creative incubator, Toolbox makes new music happen by commissioning, developing, collaborating, offering professional training, performing, recording and touring contemporary performances. The acclaimed Toolbox Percussion Trilogy, spread over a time span of 3 years, has been a proven success in creating cutting-edge and innovative programmes that challenged local artists, enhanced cultural exchange by collaborating with world-class musicians and developed a series of outreach and professional educational activities.

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• A series of sea-related courses inspired by the beautiful view of Victoria Dockside
• Imagine ocean sounds and the shape of waves through a parent-child reading of the illustration book The Boy Who Caught the Sea, instructed by a professional storyteller from Picture Book Lab
• Upcycling a plastic bottle into a beautiful drifting bottle
• Create a unique sound of waves and your memories of the sea by adding different materials (e.g. water and a wide range of objects) into the bottle
• Materials for the illustration book (Valued at HK$150) and art crafts are included.

Family Workshop: Sketching Workshop by Harbour

• A series of sea-related courses inspired by the beautiful view of Victoria Dockside
• Learn outdoor sketching techniques from local artist Stephen Wong
• Appreciate the beauty of the sea and observe subtle changes in the colours of the sky
• Create a sketch by the sea and capture your feelings at the moments

(Online Workshop) Family Workshop – Create Your Own Light Sculpture

• Meet the artist while staying home, create a light sculpture with Hong Kong contemporary artist Angela Yuen
• We stay home for a long time during pandemic. Have you found any interesting objects at home that were being ignored?
• Artist Angela invite you to look closely and carefully, try to collect those memorable objects at home (e.g. photos, toys, stationary etc.)
• Learn about the circuit of making a light sculpture and the relationship between light and materials
• Upcycle items collected into a 3D light sculpture
• Art materials and home delivery are included

3D Neon Light Box

• Age: 3 - 6 years old
• Join a K11 Kollection tour and appreciate Adrian Wong’s V-Neck/Mock Turtleneck Colour Field and Untitled Street Sign (Mongkok)
• Explore art elements like lines, shapes, colours, space etc. and turn a memorable summer time with family and friends into art inspiration
• Learn about music rhythm and body movement through Orff Music
• A certificate issued by Orff Music Organization and K11 will be awarded to participants who complete 3 modules