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Your Pet-friendly Urban Oasis

Take your pet on a playdate at K11 MUSEA! Co-created with Barbour, Pets Garden is a pet-friendly outdoor space in Bohemian Garden, K11 MUSEA’s rooftop oasis. Frolic with your furry friend in an idyllic dreamscape — on a green oval lawn by the sea, surrounded by amazing art and architecture!

Take the express pet-lift next to KENZO (G13, G/F) to head straight to 7F for the ultimate pet play date!

Visit now to find Our pet-centric pop-ups with some paw-sitively delicious treats, accessories, supplies, and more exclusive offers for your beloved pets at 7F. Pets Garden will also host a series of experiences on select weekends in collaboration with the season’s coolest brands — stay tuned for more!

1. Ruff & Fetch

One-stop shop for all your pet’s needs!

2. mrorganic

All-Natural Pet Care for Healthy Fur!

3. Clansman Pets

Treats your dog would naturally choose!

Tap “REDEEM EXCLUSIVE OFFERS NOW” below to get your Pets Garden exclusive surprises now!

Go on Exciting Adventures with Furry Friends!

Let’s play — TAG us on Instagram for free surprise!

Who wants to play tag? Tag us in a sweet snap of your fur baby at Pets Garden for a special surprise from Barbour — and a chance to be featured on K11 MUSEA’s Instagram!

Here’s how:

1. Snap a photo of your pet at Pets Garden.

2. Post the photo on Instagram with the tags @K11MUSEA, #K11PetsGarden, @BARBOURHONGKONG, and #barbourdogs.

3. Present your post at Barbour (319, 3F) to redeem your prize!

*Limited quantities; available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Gifts must be redeemed within the same day of the posting date. Each person can only participate once in the giveaway during the promotion period. In case of any disputes, K11 MUSEA reserves the right of final decision.

All pets must be carried by a pet stroller when entering the indoor area. Pet stroller rental service is available at Koncierge, G/F. All visitors to Pets Garden must comply with the [regulations] set forth by K11 and on-site personnel at all times.

K11 MUSEA is committed to promoting a pet-friendly policy. At the same time, for the safety of other Bohemian Garden users, please ensure pets stay on leash while outside of the dedicated Pets Garden area. Please pick up and clean up after your pet; pet owners may use the plastic bags provided for pet excrement and dispose of it in a designated garbage bin. Please follow signs around Pets Garden to ensure all pets and owners can safely enjoy the space. Other terms and conditions apply.


Nature & Wellness
From now on
10:00 - 22:00
7F, Bohemian Garden, K11 MUSEA
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K11 Event
K11 MUSEA Art Karnival — Plunge into a Curation of World-class Art

K11 MUSEA’s annual art celebration is back for the third year in a row! Arriving at K11 in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenyang, Wuhan, and Tianjin, Art Karnival celebrates the unbridled creative expression of over 160 world-class artworks showcased across the region.

Plunging into a world of spray paint, tags, and throw-ups, K11 MUSEA’s third annual Art Karnival unveils China's largest street art exhibition, ‘City As Studio’, alongside a curation of masterpieces from around the world.

‘City As Studio’ — China’s Largest Street Art Exhibition Presented by K11 MUSEA and K11 Art Foundation
Curated by “Champion of Graffiti and Street Art” Jeffrey Deitch, ‘City As Studio’ traces the evolution of the art form with over 100 works by more than 30 artists.

See some of street art’s most recognisable names — from veterans Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, to young bloods FUTURA, KAWS, AIKO, and more.


Discover Our Curation of World-Class Art

untitled: folly; baubles, Phyllida Barlow
Challenging our understanding of sculpture, Phyllida Barlow explores dualities with bright coloured baubles that loom over visitors implying both festivity and desolation.

The Eve, David Altmejd
Canadian artist David Altmeijd's work often explores the relationship between the body and architecture, inviting viewers to reflect on blurred boundaries.

Hot Dog Bus, Erwin Wurm
Erwin Wurm’s transformed vintage Volkswagen Microbus encourages the public to re-examine the relationship between food, the human body, and consumer culture.Every weekend during Art Karnival, present your KLUB 11 Membership via the ‘K11 HK’ App to redeem a FREE palmier pastry* at Erwin Wurm’s Hot Dog Bus!
*Limited daily quantities; on a first-come, first-serve basis while stocks last.

Moss Playground, Mooncasket
Supported by non-profit arts organisation HKwalls, Hong Kong-based illustrator Mooncasket envelops the wall of Sunken Plaza in a bright mural that offers viewers a temporary escape from reality. Play Mooncasket's interactive game on-site to win a prize!

Design Republic
Discover a dreamscape of graffiti rainbowing from floors to walls, pillars to ceilings at 3F — conveying the vibrant, fantastical, and subversive spirit of street art.

Join the Art Karnival Tour
Book to join our FREE Art Karnival tour — and immerse yourself in K11 MUSEA's world of graffiti, street art, and contemporary works!


Play Art Karnival Game to Unlock Rewards!
Art Karnival has a surprise for you! From 20 Mar to 14 May 2023, visit K11 MUSEA to unlock special rewards and win a surprise through our in-app game, ‘Down the Ladder’. Open the ‘K11 HK’ App to start the game!

Explore Art Karnival Pop-ups
From exclusive KAWS puzzles to Keith Haring Lovebox, explore MoMA Design Store Pop-up's curator-approved designs selected for Art Karnival! K11 MUSEA also welcomes Korean art brand print bakery’s first pop-up in Hong Kong.


Take Home Art Merchandise
Shop your own Karnival of art-inspired delights! Collect Chris Huen Sin Kan's limited edition art prints, Vans' new collection customised by graffiti and street artists, pins, stickers, and more.


KULTURE 11 — Movies, Music & Performances
Discover a range of movies, music, and performances via KULTURE 11, K11 MUSEA’s inclusive platform for global creative voices.


Bringing together the visions of 30+ Hong Kong artists, artist collective SOCIAL NERD explorex sculptures, fabric designs, photography, paintings, and more at CEMENT, K11 MUSEA's modular creative- and community-driven space for diverse voices.


K11 Event
A Story of Gemstones — Limited Time L’ÉCOLE Jewelry Arts Courses at Nature Discovery Park

Explore the world of high jewelry with L’ÉCOLE jewelry arts courses! For a limited time from 17 to 22 April, immerse yourself in the wonders of natural gemstones at Nature Discovery Park, Hong Kong’s first urban biodiversity museum, from learning the rich history of jewelry to trying your hand at painting your own piece!

Highlight Courses
The Power of Jewelry: Amulets, Talismans & Lucky Charms
Discover the stories behind these mystical jewels.
Date: 17 April (Mon)
Time: 2:30PM – 6:30PM


Fascinating Diamonds 1: History and Legends
Unveil the secrets of the king of gemstones.
Date: 19 April (Wed)
Time: 2:30PM – 6:30PM


The Gouaché in High Jewelry 1: The Light
Paint your first jewelry design!
Date: 21 April (Fri)
Time: 10:30AM – 1:30PM


Draw Some Precious Gems
Learn to design your first jewelry pieces on paper! For ages 8–12.
Date: 22 April (Sat)
Time: 2:30PM – 4:30PM


*Limited quota; available on a first-come, first-served basis.

L’ÉCOLE Jewelry Arts Courses at Nature Discovery Park
Location: 8F, Nature Discovery Park, K11 MUSEA
Date: 17 – 22 Apr 2023

For enquiries, please visit L’ÉCOLE School of Jewelry Arts (510A, 5F, K11 MUSEA), or call +852 2653 0030.


8F, Nature Discovery Park, K11 MUSEA
K11 Event
Christian Louboutin’s 1st-ever Beauty Flagship Arrives at K11 MUSEA!

Step into confidence at Christian Louboutin’s new flagship Beauty Boutique! Discover a bold collection of beauty products for lips, eyes, face, nails, as well as fragrances at K11 MUSEA!

Launched in 2014, Christian Louboutin Beauty was the next obvious step for the renowned footwear designer; after all, its signature red sole owes its very existence to a bottle of red nail polish that Louboutin himself first applied to the back of his shoes.

Christian Louboutin Beauty’s range reflects the same playful wit, passion and innovation as Christian Louboutin’s prolific collection of women’s and men’s shoes, handbags and small leather goods.

Explore the magical allure of Christian Louboutin’s beauty collection, and let their range of iconic beauty creations take your breath away!

Location: B135, B1, K11 MUSEA
Opening hours: 11AM – 9PM

B135, B1, K11 MUSEA
K11 Event
The First-Ever Nespresso RE:FARM Concept Store is Here — From Coffee Grounds to Culinary Delights

From Capsule & Cup to the Dinner Table

Nespresso RE:FARM Presents Coffee with a Sustainable Impact

Keep your used Nespresso coffee capsules! Nespresso RE:FARM’s first concept in Hong Kong, now open at K11 MUSEA, features a specialised on-site capsule recycler to give your spent coffee a second life.
Separated into aluminium and coffee grounds, your coffee waste will become compost with RE:FARM’s Bokashi composter, helping to grow fresh herbs, vegetables, and edible flowers to be enjoyed at K11 MUSEA and Rosewood HK restaurants!

RE:FARM Events & Workshops

From Oct 22 onwards, join Nespresso RE:FARM’s exciting programme of events and workshops to learn how you can help turn coffee into a force for good!

Bring your used Nespresso capsules to K11 MUSEA and see how you can make an impact today!

Date: Sep 2022 – Jun 2023
Opening Hours: 11:30PM – 8:30PM
Location: B201, Unit 30, B2

B201, Unit 30, B2