Bimbo Concept

Concept Store for the Modern Family

Bimbo Concept is a family concept store. The letter B is a symbol of a mother-to-be, and the word ‘Bimbo’ means children in Italian. The Bimbo logo symbolises a mother-to-be with her child under the roof of a house full of love and care. In Bimbo Concept, you will find a curation of high quality, sustainable and beautifully designed products for a modern home with children. At Bimbo Concept, we articulate a wide selection of products from home decor, children’s furniture, accessories to toys and nursery. They are refined with a minimal Scandinavian aesthetic that uplifts the household decor from being simply functional. We choose our products for their organic nature. Each item is carefully selected to ensure it meets the BIMBO CONCEPT standard of style, quality and sustainability. When shopping for items to fill your home, we hope BIMBO CONCEPT would be the first stop, whether you need something for yourself, the children, or someone you care for.

Accepts K Dollars
Kids & Edutainment
B221, B2
Opening Hours
11:00am - 8:00pm
6106 5869