eslite children's bookstore

Independent Bookstore Specialising in Arts and Humanities

About eslite

Founded in 1989, eslite began as an independent bookstore specialising in arts and humanities.

In 2012, eslite established the first store outside Taiwan at Causeway Bay in Hong Kong. eslite hopes to co-create with Hong Kong friends in building a peaceful dock in the busy bay and adding a cultural bit through its spaces and events. In 2015, eslite spectrum crossed the Victoria Harbour and opened its second store in Hong Kong at Tsim Sha Tsui, where history, culture and tourism intertwine. In 2016, eslite set up its third eslite spectrum store in Cityplaza at Taikoo Shing, which carries a wide range of health and lifestyle products and the largest children’s section among the 3 branches.

In Hong Kong, eslite continues on its path of ‘a comprehensive business based on a cultural and creative platform’ by tying the bookstore section with the creative shops-in-shop closely and offering a unified reading and lifestyle experience.

Accepts K Dollars
Kids & Edutainment
B227, B2
Opening Hours
12PM - 8PM
3419 1014