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TA-DA! was founded in 2015, with being an international coolest kidswear and baby products buyer shop, which curate more than 20 international premier and lifestyle brands. 
Children, from the first moment we hold them,
to their first words, they are a continual surprise.
We want to be a part of those special moments,
The [ Ta - Da! ] Moments!
Imagination & Creativity
We like to open the eyes of our children to see the world with boundless possibilities.
We want to bring out the quirkiness and cheekiness of your little ones without following the mass brands.
Organic & Sustainability
We seek out designer brands with exceptional quality, unique designs and importantly ethical principles, whether this be using organic fabrics, fair trade practices or giving back to the community.
We pride ourselves in the coolest finds around the globe.
We are passionate about our products,
And we’re sure you’ll love them too, in your [ Ta - Da! ] journey!

Accepts K Dollars
Kids & Edutainment
B244B, B2