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5 Samurai

A Sensational Japanese Culinary Experience

Type D Restaurant

Dining isn’t all just about filling the stomach. Dive into a holistic and sensational experience at 5 Samurai to explore the core elements of Japanese cuisine!

Let taste buds take flight at the first three experiential spaces where full-flavoured craft beers, premium sake or wines and cocktails are on offer, able to be experienced under the guidance of the ‘Kikisake-shi’ sake masters and award-winning mixologists.

Pair drinks with sizzling teppanyaki, succulent yakitori and other exquisite Japanese dishes while marveling at the iconic skyline of Victoria Harbour on a journey of gastronomic indulgence.


Accepts K Dollars
Asian Delicacies
MUSEA Cocktail Hour
125, 1F
Opening Hours
12:00nn - 10:00pm
5290 2900