Afternoon Tea TEAROOM

Our brand was launched in  Japan 1981 with an aim to enrich the day to day life under the concept of “spice of a day”.

A variety of menus are available each season, such as sweets finished with fresh cream that is air-lifted weekly from Japan, pastas, sandwiches and plenty of delicious tea served in a tea pot for you to choose from. 
Our popular “afternoon tea set” is customisable by choosing your favourite sweets.From the many popular items to seasonal ones, we will deliver the same taste as Japan along with the service of Japanese hospitality.


Restaurant Menu


Afternoon Tea Set

Accepts K Dollars
Asian Delicacies
Café & Confectionery
K11 MUSEA exclusive
Afternoon tea
Japanese Cuisine
B112B, B1
Opening Hours
11AM – 8:30PM
2671 0288