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Baekmidang Chul Grill

The Ultimate flagship with new concept

Capitalizing on the rich knowledge of milk products from Namyang Dairy Product, its parent company established in 1964, Baekmidang is the name behind an exceptional constellation of desserts. The signature milk ice cream, made wth 100% organic milk directly from the farm, carries the sincerity of farmers and the freshest taste from nature in every bite. Designed with precision, Baekmidang's ice cream and cones have elevated the dessert onto both gastronomic and visual pleasures.
Baekmidang introduces the new “shop-in-shop” concept to K11 MUSEA. The elegant, minimal interior echoes well with the artistic vibes of our desserts. What hidden in the store is a delicate Korean style grill restaurant. In addition to the top, refined hardware and tailored service, our artisans serve grilled seafood and beef set in Korean style at your table, opening you up to a brand new dining experience.


Below Services are available at 'K11 HK' mobile app:
- Queuing
- Reservation
- Food ordering


Restaurant Menu

Accepts K Dollars
Café & Confectionery
Coffee Hub
B111, B1
Opening Hours
11:30am – 10:00pm
6655 1612