Blooms Coffee is a premium specialty cafe founded by the artist, Moses Chan, who has a great passion in pursuing a perfect harmony in modern complex coffee flavor world. In addition, Moses also possess a deep interest in gastronomy, design aesthetics and the philosophy of life.

Blooms Coffee not only offers a great variety of Single Origin Coffees, it is also aimed to promote a great sensory experience. The founder individually handpicks seasonal Specialty Coffee from all over the world as the cornerstone of Blooms Coffee. The coffee roasting and brewing method synthesize various experience from Moses. Blooms Coffee is a true reflection of Moses’s coffee philosophy.

The shop design is based on the theme of gold and rustic white. From interior design to the selection of furniture, all are delicately created and tailormade by the founders. The clean attitude and minimalist aesthetic design are created to provide guests with a clear view at the entire coffee operation process and to appreciate the unique craftsmanship of coffee brewing. Furthermore, this also creates an ideal environment and atmosphere for social interaction on coffee sensory experience.

In addition to coffee, gastronomy is also seen as a bridge connecting people. The founder and his team scrounge around to collect the excellent ingredients to provide unique food. Such as “Hokkaido scallop with pickled cucumber on Brioche Roll” and “Sichuan Spicy Crabmeat on Brioche Roll”. The variety and layering of flavor from Blooms Coffee accompanying with great delicacy are the key to cohere PEOPLE. The founder seeks to make the experience of the coffee shop more humane than mechanical by communicating with people through “coffee “and “food”.


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- Food ordering


Accepts K Dollars
Café & Confectionery
Coffee Hub
221, 2F
Opening Hours
11AM – 9PM
2633 9383