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bong pro-dryaging butchers & grill

80-120days USDA Prime dry-aged Beef in K11 Musea!

bong butcher & grill is a “must visit” eatery for meat lovers. With a live kitchen and the highest quality 80-120 days dry- aged USDA Prime beef meats, you are guaranteed a delicious meal. As your steak sizzles on the grill close to you! 

Our Professional and friendly chefs are on hand at all times to guide you through our menus and offer advice on the ideal way to serve your steak.

Do not go far from your home to buy the best meat! We are here for you, decide to buy or eat on the spot! 


Below Service is available at 'K11 HK' mobile app:
- Food ordering

Accepts K Dollars
Taste Chamber
B201, Unit 11, 12, B2
Opening Hours
11:00am – 10:00pm
3622 1370