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Type B Restaurant

DAMA, founded in 2016, was transformed from a cold-press juice tiny outlet nestled in Gough Street, Central to a new-style vegetarian cafe in Hong Kong new cultural-retail destination K11 MUSEA, continuing the journey of DreAMA in pursuit of DreAM. Our DreAM is to advocate vegetarian diet, cultivate good eating habits, nurture holistic wellness, contribute to animal welfare and protect the earth.

To this end, we finely select foods ingredients, including fresh fruits and vegetables and using plant based milk for some of our foods and drinks. A range of vegetarian options and also including some vegan choice: salads, yogurt, Asian-style Burritos, soups, cake desserts, cold-pressed juices, fruit teas and coffee with plant based milk and vegan ice-cream.

Being a new era vegetarian cafe, DAMA follows global trend so apart from finely picked foods ingredients, we infuse a lot of novel elements into packaging, merchandise, shop interior design and social media, in order to attract more people to try vegetarian through these creative ideas, and also let them have an extraordinary experience in this new food trends.




Below Services are available at 'K11 HK' mobile app:
- Queuing
- Food ordering

Accepts K Dollars
Café & Confectionery
411, 4F
Opening Hours
12:00nn - 9:30pm
9527 2033