A Lifestyle of Wellness Starts With Eating

It all starts with a box. FOODBOX is a takeaway concept that cultivates green and healthy living in Hong Kong through fresh salads, sandwiches and hot foods with eco-friendly packaging. With more than 30 menu options in one easy box, FOODBOX is perfect for those looking for a fresh, healthy bite tailored for you on the go!

Our sister brand MOM & POP starts from a cancer surviving journey. Through the journey, MOM & POP found inspiration for happy living with fresh, healthy, and taste-inspiring juices, smoothies and cinnamon buns.

A lifestyle of wellness starts with eating. FOODBOX and MOM & POP aim to provide the best options for the health-conscious who are looking for great options to eat green, eat healthy, eat happy and eat to order!


FOODBOX Takeaway Menu

MOM & POP Takeaway Menu

Accepts K Dollars
Café & Confectionery
410, 4F
Opening Hours
11AM - 5PM
2311 1323