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Lilium by Gitone

‘Lilium by Gitone’ is another modest innovative, elegant and delightful artistic light refreshment hub where art and food tasting converge and interact in this dazzling city. It is created by well-established local artist Terence Lee and his wife, Clara Chong, after founded "Gitone" art and dining 25 years ago, with the inspiration and concept of the leisurely, carefree, graceful and blessed lilies in the field and of the valley in the Bible.

With the vision of tasting art, daring to innovate and sharing joy, every member of the Lilium food and beverage creative team promotes art tasting to be appreciated by all level, using local ingredients to make excellent culinary delicacies and specialty drinks, presented in hand-made ceramics, glasses and carefully selected unique tableware. Cozy service further combines art, living and food culture together with enhanced perfection and colorful diversity.


Below Service is available at 'K11 HK' mobile app:
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Accepts K Dollars
Western Gourmet
509, 5F
Opening Hours
12:00nn – 10:00pm
9438 8298