Oniku Kappo Jikon

Traditional Japanese Kappo Cuisine Meets The Finest Wagyu

Derived from “Yakiniku Jikon”’s style of grilling premium cuts of meat, “Oniku Kappo Jikon” is a whole new brand that integrates top-rank Wagyu meat and quality seasonal produce with refined cooking techniques of the Japanese traditional Kappo cuisine, and maximizes the charisma of meat dishes to the greatest extent, delighting your senses with a one-of-a-kind culinary enjoyment. Our chefs acquired a wealth of specialist knowledge in Japanese cuisine with vast experience,  making use of food in season or at its harvest peak to create exquisite cuisine, delicately presented in the authentic style of Japanese traditional Kappo cuisine right in front of our guests.

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Asian Delicacies
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K11 MUSEA exclusive
Japanese Cuisine
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12PM - 3:30PM, 6PM - 10:30PM
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