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Capturing style is a talent. A talent that Gabrielle Chanel instinctively had more than anyone, detecting what would make all the difference to a silhouette. In 1957, after she had already made the little black dress, the tweed braided suit and the quilted handbag – all essentials in women's wardrobes – Mademoiselle Chanel decided to introduce a new note to a woman's allure: two-tone shoes. "They are", she said, "The height of elegance."

Sixty years after its creation, CHANEL's two-tone shoe has been continuously enriched with new versions, thanks to the unexpected interpretations and constantly renewed creativity. As a high heel, a ballerina, a boot, a sneaker and even an espadrille, the two-tone shoe is today, more than ever, a true fashion accessory that combines timeless elegance, comfort and modernity.

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