D Mind & the Prince

D Mind & the Prince aims to empower the little ones to develop their language proficiency and life competency from an early stage. 

With over 160 components in its English programme, each HOME can easily be transformed into a language-rich and close-to-native immersive environment for growing Little Global Citizens aged 0 to 6. 

Apart from escorting the children to accumulate conventional wisdom, D Mind and the Prince fosters an intelligent integration of Internationalism, Individualism and Independence in the design of its courses and materials. 

Experienced teachers and educators will be conducting formative assessments and running follow-up classes at its FAMILY CLUB to best enhance young children's learning.

DAY CAMPS at different interesting places are offered to families during long weekends or school holiday breaks. Young children can then participate in various extended 'learn-through-play' activities with their family and friends.

* The spending at this dining outlet / merchant is not eligible for earning K Points and will not be counted towards the accumulative spending requirement for upgrading or renewing the KLUB 11 membership.

Kids & Edutainment
B243, B244A & B, B2
Opening Hours
Tue & Thu: 9:30am - 6:30pm