Parisine was a French expression invented during the 19th century to symbolize the special spirit of Paris. It is now the name of a new house of perfume and home fragrance. Parisine was founded by Ms. Amélie Huynh in 2015. Based in Paris, Ms. Huynh was inspired by the special spirit of this magical city, heart of French culture, and decided to share its very essence through exquisite fragrances. With Parisine, two legendary perfume brands will be showcased specifically: Ed.Pinaud & Parfums D’Orsay, gathering a deep line of products, from perfumes to home fragrances, diffusers and candles. Blessed with nearly two centuries of history, these brands invite you to discover a new way of living through scents. We are committed to use our fragrance expertise as a deep understanding of people, to invite one to discover the wonderful world of perfumes and find the fragrance that will affect them the most, with a irresistible french touch and know-how.

Accepts K Dollars
Beauty & Personal Care
213D, 2F
Opening Hours
10AM – 10PM
3188 5306