Serge Lutens

The first flagship in China region

To Monsieur Lutens, perfumes and makeup were key components in his expressions in beauty, the facets through which his imagination unveils. Monsieur Lutens manifested his artistic visions began the olfactory revolution in the 1990s. Dissimilar though they may be, the fragrances all have something in common: they are the progeny of Serge Lutens’ imagination. According to Monsieur Lutens, “When you select a perfume you dare to be yourself. The choice is yours!”

This pioneering designer brought a new look to women’s faces, breaking new ground in the use of make-up and colour. Serge Lutens decided to give the world of cosmetics a makeover, this time going back to basics, giving his range a self-explanatory name: BEAUTY ESSENTIALS.  Foundations, kohl eyeliner, lipsticks and other bare necessities allow women to make more of themselves with less. This collection of beauty products is all about the sophisticated gestures that get women noticed.

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Beauty & Personal Care
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