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Deng G Sichuan

Over 40 Years of Crafting Delicate Sichuan Spiciness

Type D Restaurant

Deng G Sichuan brings a modern twist to Sichuan cuisine, striving to wow discerning diners with its expertise in the art of spiciness across 4 crucial elements: numbing, hot, fresh, and savoury. At the helm is native Sichuan Chef Deng Hua-Dong, bringing over 40 years of culinary expertise to craft refined Sichuan and Southern Yangtze dishes that highlight different depths of spicy cuisine.


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- Queuing
- Food ordering


Food Menu

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Accepts K Dollars
Chinese Cuisine
MUSEA Cocktail Hour
Family friendly
412 & 413, 4F
Opening Hours
11:30am – 10:00pm

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