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Five Guys

Type C Restaurant

Five Guys was first established in Washington DC in 1986 by the Murrell family, offering freshly prepared, high quality burgers and hand-cut fries. With no freezers and no microwaves, it’s built on the premise that all burgers and fries are to be made fresh daily. The meat is hand-pattied every morning. The bread, which is FIVE GUYS’ only proprietary item, is baked fresh in local bakeries. Potatoes are cut fresh, soaked to remove the starch and double-fried in pure, no cholesterol, 100% peanut oil to create the firm exterior and fluffy ‘mashed-potato’ interior that Five Guys fries are famous for. Now 30 years later, Five Guys has over 1,600 locations around the world.

Western Gourmet
301B & 302, 3F
Opening Hours
11:00am – 10:00pm
3598 9340