KOFFEE MAMEYA, which simply translates to 'beans shop’ in Japanese, is the sister brand to OMOTESANDO KOFFEE. Born in 2018, this bean specialist concept by Eiichi Kunitomo, promises to elevate coffee brewing and tasting even at the comfort of your own home, featuring anywhere from 15 to 20 seasonal selections at any one time. From bespoke blends and single origins, to some of the finest geishas and rarest micro-lot coffees sourced from around the world. Each coffee on the menu is carefully chosen and curated to offer the best coffee experience. Kunitomo believes there’s a perfect cup for everyone, with the right bean, detailed recipe, and precise brew. KOFFEE MAMEYA’s baristas are more like coffee sommeliers and work closely with some of the world's top coffee roasters. Most notably, Tokado Coffee (Fukuoka), MAME (Zurich), Ditta Artigianale (Florence), Coffee Collective (Copenhagen), Momos Coffee (Busan), and Code Black Coffee (Melbourne) to name a few. With the combination of precise brewing techniques and world-class roasting methods — KOFFEE MAMEYA allows customers to fully immerse themselves within the exciting range of bespoke coffees and premium taste notes.

This year, KOFFEE MAMEYA will open it’s first overseas branch in K11 MUSEA Hong Kong. The brand new Tsim Sha Tsui flagship will house the first-ever joint concept of OMOTESANDO KOFFEE and KOFFEE MAMEYA, which will be sure to attract coffee lovers from all over. The new space will also feature coffee selections by Eiichi Kunitomo exclusive only to the Hong Kong branch.

Accepts K Dollars
Café & Confectionery
Coffee Hub
K11 MUSEA exclusive
Japanese Cuisine
B217, B2
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Mon: Close | Tue - Sun and Public Holidays 11AM - 7PM