Oppa Korean Tofu House

Traditional Korean Tofu Pots Serving Modern Nutritional Needs

As the Korean Hallyu wave sweeps through Hong Kong, more and more are embracing Korean cuisine with heightened expectations. Emphasising on the “five colours, five flavours, five methods” of Korean cuisine to pursue health and harmony, Oppa Korean Tofu House gives the spotlight to Tofu, striking the balance between authentic Korean flavours with modern nutritional needs. From a tantalising variety of Korean Tofu Pots, to nourishing kimbap (Korean rice rolls), Kimchi Pancakes, and more, Oppa Korean Tofu House boasts an array of authentic Korean delicacies for a delightful experience for all Korean cuisine lovers. 

Accepts K Dollars
Asian Delicacies
Food Playground
K11 MUSEA exclusive
Food playground, B2
Opening Hours