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Soil To Soul

Type D Restaurant

Given the limited choices of vegetarian meals in Hong Kong, which are mostly in Western, Chinese or Indian Style, ‘Soil to Soul’ proudly presents a fresh experience of vegetarian diets to you – Korean Temple food. 

‘Soil to Soul’ has invited Chef Gu Jin Kwang from Korea to be the executive culinary leader of the restaurant. Chef Gu met a Buddhist nun several years ago and learnt temple vegetarian culinary from her. Chef Gu has been deeply rooted in the catering industry for more than 20 years, including working as head chef in Korea and the United Kingdom.

Chef Gu specializes in marinating and fermenting a variety of seasonal vegetables with Korean style sauces that he has invented over the years. He believes the sauces can elevate the flavours of the dishes. ‘Soil to Soul’ collaborates with local farms for fresh ingredients and vegetables, and import rice directly from Korea for a better culinary experience.


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Accepts K Dollars
Asian Delicacies
704, 7F
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12:00nn - 10:00pm
2389 9588

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