Michelin 1-Star French-Japanese Restaurant Debuts in Hong Kong

TIRPSE, which is "esprit", the French word for spirit, spelled backwards, first gained fame as the fastest restaurant to be awarded a Michelin star within two months of opening in 2015. TIRPSE was also named as one of Diners Club World Best 50 Restaurants in 2017. 

The brand owner, Mr. Ohashi Naotaka, has worked for Hiramatsu Restaurant in Japan, Cordeillan-Bages in France and the Michelin Three-starred Quintessence in Tokyo before opening TIRPSE.

Hong Kong TIRPSE will bring the team from Tokyo TIRPSE.  
Chef Shimizu Yuta continues to lead the team to cook wonderful and delicious dishes, and serve with Japanese sake and carefully selected wines, whiskies from other regions, bringing a pleasant dining experience for all diners. Our Chef De Patisserie Horiuchi Rin will continue to create new visual and taste impacts. There must be surprises!


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