VELO (Italian Restaurant)

Vista. Esperanza.Lusso.Ottimo 
To see and to experience the best, luxurious Italian cuisine.

In Italian, VELO means hidden and veiled. VELO is a hidden culinary sanctuary where food, art and experience collide. It is garnerd at K11 MUSEA, a new museum-retail complex situated in the heart of Hong Kong dedicated to global millennials who gravitate towards the immersive consumption of art, culture, and commerce. As part of this iconic cultural destination, there is a need for a place where food lovers can come together to celebrate the art of food through experiential dining. The hideout is a celebratory venue for every occasions, for every people and an exhilarating place for all food lovers to discover a true Italian experiential dining.


Below Services are available at 'K11 HK' mobile app:
- Reservation
- Food ordering


Restaurant Menu

Accepts K Dollars
International Gourmet
Family friendly
Fine dining
K11 MUSEA exclusive
Afternoon tea
Italian Cuisine
103 & 103A, 1F
Opening Hours
11:30AM - 11PM
2117 0983