A chic & innovative version of Yung Kee

Yung’s Bistro is a refreshing new concept by Yung Kee and marks its first foray into contemporary dining. Abiding by the brand’s 1942 pledge to deliver authentic taste through culinary mastery; to offer cuisine celebrating familial ties and merchandise that speaks from the heart, Yung’s Bistro serves up the genuine taste of traditional Cantonese cuisine in a modern contemporary setting.

By fusing tradition with innovation, the new and the old, Yung’s Bistro offers diners a brand new taste experience that surprises as it delights. By using food to convey its sincerity and in using creativity demonstrate its culinary expertise, tantalising tastes are created to linger on in your memories.

Yung’s Bistro logo features an interlocked pair of「鏞」and is designed to convey continuity and perpetuity. It stands symbolic, declaring and confirming, the transfer of the true authentic taste of traditional Cantonese cuisine from one generation to the next, proliferating and continuing for posterity.

Underpinned by the belief that in presenting its culinary craftsmanship with sincerity builds memories, Yung’s Bistro strives to present authentic Cantonese cuisine and Hong Kong local food culture from a brand new perspective, offering diners a unique, unforgettable taste journey.


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Whole Day Menu


Lunch & Tea Set


Happy Hour Menu

Accepts K Dollars
Chinese Cuisine
Family friendly
Outdoor area
Fine dining
K11 MUSEA exclusive
Cocktail & Liquors
701, 7F
Opening Hours
Mon - Fri 11:30AM - 10PM | Sat & Sun, Public Holidays 11AM - 10PM

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