29 Apr 2020

[Tsim Sha Tsui Food Guide] Recommended restaurants in K11 MUSEA!

K11 MUSEA is a new landmark in Tsim Sha Tsui that, in addition to integrating the arts and culture into its unique shopping experience, nurtures a selection of some of the best restaurants across Asia. Whether it be Western food or Cantonese food, a Michelin-starred restaurant with a harbour view or a family-friendly restaurant, you can find all you need at K11 MUSEA in Tsim Sha Tsui. Read on to find out more about some of our favourite spots.

181 at Fortnum & Mason

Fortnum & Mason, a brand loved by the British royal family, opened first ever shop and restaurant outside the UK in Tsim Sha Tsui’s pioneering new cultural and gastronomic hub, K11 MUSEA. We especially recommend the restaurant's signature traditional English Afternoon Tea. You can enjoy the restaurant’s food and beverage offerings in their beautiful bar and dining room with one of the best panoramic views of Victoria Harbour. 


Address: K11 MUSEA G / F Shop 022, 122



A Happy Pancake

If you like to indulge your sweet tooth with desserts and pancakes, A Happy Pancake is the restaurant for you.  Hailing from Japan, A Happy Pancake opened a second branch in Hong Kong at K11 MUSEA. Their exclusive pancake recipe makes them extremely soft and a crowd favourite. Other than their most popular sweet & savory Happy Pancakes, the latest “A Happy Puff” and limited offer of Fresh Fruit Drinks, and the brand’s own Tapioca Drink Series is served in K11 MUSEA store.


Address: K11 MUSEA 2 / F, Shop 233A



Afternoon Tea TEAROOM

Another highly recommended place for delicious Japanese desserts in a relaxed environment is Afternoon Tea TEAROOM. Originating from Tokyo, Afternoon Tea TEAROOM opened its first ever branch in Hong Kong at K11 MUSEA with a variety of menus, such as signature fresh fruit sandwiches, house-made Japanese strawberry cakes, puff pastries and mixed fruit parfait.


Address: K11 MUSEA B1, B112B



% Arabica

While we have listed 2 restaurants for dessert fans, K11 MUSEA is far more than just a place to get desserts in Tsim Sha Tsui! % Arabica is an emerging specialty coffee brand that has earned itself a great reputation in recent years. The new store is located on the Victoria waterfront in the cube-shaped kiosk installation called the golden KUBE. Enjoy the outstanding and unobstructed view of Victoria Harbour with a delicious cup of coffee.


Address: K11 MUSEA G / F, Kiosk 06



Artisan Lounge

Looking for artistic dining recommendations in Tsim Sha Tsui? Then you must not miss Artisan Lounge. This sophisticated and elegant dining concept specializes in all-day high tea concept. Located in the grand atrium of K11 MUSEA and with a meticulous attention to detail, this classy lounge offers a place where visitors can bask in the mall’s design-centric ambience. Hang out at all hours of the day, whether you’re taking a break from shopping or just indulging in the love of a handcrafted beverage. 


Address: K11 MUSEA G / F, Shop 008, 008A



Chatterbox café

With their first location opened at the Mandarin Hotel in Singapore, the award-winning Chatterbox serves up delectable Hainanese chicken rice among many other signature Singaporean dishes. Whether it be the quality ingredients, or the methods used, Chatterbox Café takes the utmost care to serve up amazing dishes.


Address: K11 MUSEA B1, B110



Takano Ramen

Takano, a legendary ramen restaurant which has been featured in the Tokyo Michelin guide for 4 consecutive years, recently opened its doors at K11 MUSEA in TST. As the restaurant's first overseas branch, Takano serves up completely homemade ramen with a soup base carefully prepared by quality Japanese ingredients. This is a must-try for all ramen aficionados.


Address: K11 MUSEA 2 / F, Shop 220



Blooms coffee

Blooms Coffee is a premium specialty cafe founded by renowned actor and artist Moses Chan. Moses is also well known for his strong passion for coffee-making. Blooms Coffee is meticulous with everything from its choice of brewing tools to temperature and offers a unique gastronomic experience alongside its flavourful coffee. Besides their coffee, delectable unique dishes are provided on the menu as well, such as “Hokkaido scallop with pickled cucumber on Brioche Roll” and “Sichuan Spicy Crabmeat on Brioche Roll”. This is a great place to bond over coffee and food.


Address: K11 MUSEA 2 / F, Shop 221



Gontran Cherrier

Gontran Cherrier, one of the top-ranked French bakeries in the world, recently opened its first branch in Hong Kong. Known for combining the world of traditional French bakery with international flavours, it has also introduced Hong Kong-limited edition croissants as well as a series of desserts and savoury pieces.


Address: K11 MUSEA B2, B205-B207



Reign The Abalone House

Reign Abalone opened its first abalone-themed restaurant at K11 MUSEA in Tsim Sha Tsui. Importing sustainably farmed abalone from South Africa, Reign Abalone cooks them to perfection, retaining their natural flavour for some unforgettable dishes. Indulge yourself, your family and your friends in this luxurious menu from a Michelin-starred chef.


Address: K11 MUSEA B2, B201-18



Yung’s Bistro

A refreshing new concept by Yung Kee, Yung’s Bistro is a foray into contemporary dining that fusing tradition with innovation. In addition to inheriting Yung Kee's signature roasted goose dishes, Yung’s Bistro also serves up several traditional authentic Cantonese and local Hong Kong dishes.


Address: K11 MUSEA 7 / F, Shop 701




RoboTea brings customers a brand-new tea experience. Leading a new generation of smart tea brands, RoboTea combines robotic technology and AI (artificial intelligence) to create perfectly mixed drinks. After ordering, you can watch the fully mechanical and automated robot brew your tea before launching it through a conveyor belt. It’s super smart!


Address: K11 MUSEA B2, B201-30



Soul Jook

In addition to Western food and dessert shops, the basement floor of K11 MUSEA in Tsim Sha Tsui also has a casual dining zone called Food Playground which houses 10 restaurants serving Chinese, Korean, Italian and fusion cuisines. Among them, Soul Jook specializes in making contemporary style Jook (rice porridge) and Kimbap (Korean rice rolls) made with the health-preserving ingredients. Bring your friends and browse the variety that’s on offer.


Address: K11 MUSEA B2, Food Playground

In brief, K11 MUSEA is the new Silicon Valley of Culture creating a home for the finest dining experiences from around the world; a place where culinary maestros gather, experiment and evolve. Find more than 70 different restaurants in addition to the restaurants recommended above. There are many local and international restaurants, family-friendly restaurants, and cafés waiting to be discovered. Embark on a sensory journey to awaken the gourmet in you now!