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Beautysaur Organics

Aren’t you sick and tired of waking up everyday just to “survive” but not to “live”? When I started blending my own organic facial treatment masks 5 years ago, I found my peace of mind and the meaning of “well-being” for the very first time living in such a fast-paced city like Hong Kong.  When it comes to skincare, most Hong Kongers opt for the commercial and convenient kinds. Often, we neglected how much chemicals and toxins these mass-manufactured “beauty” products contain. “Beautysaur” is set with a mission of injecting “slowness” back to our lives and promoting the true beauty of our mother nature in Hong Kong. We curated a wide range of organic and clean beauty brands from around the globe. From skincare rituals to your makeup routine, you are most welcomed to join upon this green beauty journey!

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Beauty & Personal Care
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