Breathtaking Northern Chinese Cuisine Inspired by Picturesque Daocheng

Daocheng (also known as Dab-pa in Tibetan) is renowned as the “Soul of Shangri-la” for its breathtaking and fantastical scenery. Taking that as inspiration, Dab-pa Artisan combines the signature tastes of Peking cuisine with the flamboyant spices of Sichuan cuisine, making for an array of delicacies that meld Northern and Eastern China into a blaze of flavours. Dab-pa’s curated space features calm and subtle tones meant to bring visitors a sense of peace amidst the busy cityscape.

Daocheng – Everything you can imagine and beyond.

Lunch Set for 2 - Menu
Dinner Set for 2 - Menu
Dinner Set for 4 - Menu

Tea Set Menu


Accepts K Dollars
Chinese Cuisine
Family friendly
B111, B1
Opening Hours
11:30AM - 10PM