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Type A Restaurant

OMOTESANDO KOFFEE was founded in 2012 within the quaint residential area of Omotesando. What was always intended to be nothing more than a one-year pop-up, soon became a popular destination for both locals and coffee fanatics from around the world. The house-blend espresso was served by a single barista within a bespoke cube-shaped coffee bar. The space’s minimalist setting, strong attention to detail, and hospitality warmed the hearts of many. Even with its lack of seating and absence of shop signage — the coffee house was here to stay.
Founder Eiichi Kunitomo, dreamed of his koffee reaching as many people around the world who had an appreciation or curiosity for coffee. He likened the cube coffee bar to that of a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, where one serves another in a close and intimate setting. The (change the to this) idea of one barista serving one customer in a close encounter adds to the overall experience. Kunitomo and OMOTESANDO KOFFEE view themselves as craftspeople who create an experience directed by taste, texture, and quality service. Every detail, from the grind, the setting, the espresso extraction, to the steaming of the milk, and finish, are all equally important components that make up the experience. This is why OMOTESANDO KOFFEE believes each and every barista should take pride in their work, while aiming to brew the perfect cup of coffee for each and every customer. 
Since its first store, OMOTESANDO KOFFEE has opened branches in Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok and London in hopes of continuing to spread its philosophy and love for specialty coffee globally. The brand is opening its third Hong Kong location this year at the brand new K11 MUSEA, while also furthering its international expansion. OMOTESANDO KOFFEE, with its humble beginnings, is now one of the most sought after brands from Asia that is aiming to spread Japanese coffee culture to the world, one coffee at a time.

Accepts K Dollars
Café & Confectionery
Coffee Hub
B219, B2
Opening Hours
Mon-Fri : 8:00am - 6:00pm; Sat, Sun and Public Holiday : 10:00am - 7:00pm
2854 2232